Silver Eagle Economy

Wow. On a side note: pardon my language but what in the hell are they thinking when they continue pumping trillions of dollars into the economy.

Unbelievably my friends think it’s all just ok and the markets will correct themselves…NOT!

People Need to wake up and smell the crash. Future Security. If you can see or hear, and do not see what is going on in the world today, then you  are a either brainwashed or an idiot.

The governments of the world are printing monopoly money at a rate beyond imagination.

Think About it: The Price of Gold:

  1. u.s. dollars for an ounce of gold (410% Increase)  2001=$280    2002=$300    2003=$350    2004=$425    2005=$450    2006=$600    2007=$700    2008=$8-$900    2009=$1150
  2. canadian dollars for an ounce of gold     2001=$400    2009=$1165
  3. euro dollars for an ounce of gold     2001=$300    2009=$750
  4. Indian Rupees    400% Increase
  5. Japanese Yen    350% Increase
  6. All the world Countries are off the gold standard and are printing monopoly money at will…
  7. The Price of Gold IS NOT GOING UP! Your money is becoming WORTHLESS.
  8. Economists are Predicting Gold Prices at $5000+ per Ounce in 5 years or less
  9. That Means The dollar in your pocket will buy 1/5 what it can now
  10. That Means The dollar in your pocket will buy .20 cents worth of goods.
  11. When that happens IT BECOMES YOUR CRISIS.

But People Can’t Afford $1400 an ounce for their future… yeah yeah, the price went up another $300 in the past few months.

What to do?


The Price of Silver

  1. Oh. What about Silver? (450% Increase)    2001=$4    2009=$18
  2. Silver historically trades about 1/15 of gold prices
  3. So lets say gold hits $1500. Silver should be at $100. When Gold Hits $3000 Silver should be $200.
  4. Silver is the most undervalued precious metal at this point right now trading at 1/64th the price of gold.
  5. Silver will adjust to the world market and it’s rightful ratio
  6. Silver should be at about $78 an ounce now.
  7. Robert Kiyosaki says 500 ounces of silver will buy a single family home in the next 5-10 years.

Again what do we do?

I have run across a solution.

Free Silver? But Even Better… What if you could get paid to collect silver.


Like our parents (or maybe your grandparents) always said…

Buy Silver. Ever wonder why they always kept a bunch of those old silver dimes and quarters and real silver dollars?

Prepare for the Future Now.

Free Silver……


Act Now or Starve Tomorrow!

Ed Przybylski

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