Focus and Mindset

Where is Your Focus and Mindset?

Just before you read this you should give some thought to a few simple questions: How Have You Done with Your current Enterprise this week, month, and year? Did you obtain everything you wanted to? If you could have chosen 12 months ago precisely where you might be right at this moment – are you exactly where you would have wanted to be?

If not, then just what exactly is actually holding you back? Do you have a good excuse or some sort of reason as to why you are not where you would have desired? Were their obstacles, opportunities, or difficulties that you faced and won or were you overcome by the obstacle? Do you possess some sort of psychological block that will not enable you to accomplish what you should?

I would like to give a thought that might help you to be able to overcome instead of succumb. Enable you to WIN as a substitute of whine; after all a person just can’t do both at the same time. You may either make excuses or Make a Way. You can not do both! I have seen people come from misfortune and the bottom of the barrel and rise to the top of the ladder, have the ladder ripped out from below them and ascend back up once more. I have likewise seen people have opportunity and success handed to them on a silver platter and squander the opportunity to prosperity away like it was loose change inside their pocket.

Secret Number 1: Focus and Mindset.

An individual must have the proper mindset. If you believe that you will probably be successful or are convinced that you will fail, you are positively correct. If you believe you will fail then you will fail, and if you believe and focus and have your own mind set on success then you will succeed. Exactly what is your own “Mind Set” upon? Are you looking back and focused on elements of the past or are your thoughts consumed with where you intend to arrive.

I was hitting a volley ball back and forth with my daughter over the summer months, just practicing her serve. Every thing was going just fine. Quite a few pretty impressive serves had been coming from her side of the net. During one of her serves I stepped into a small dip in the lawn and I looked down at the hole in the ground. This just happened to coincide with the timing of her hitting the ball to me. I looked at the ground at my feet, she looked to the ground where I was looking, and hit the ball in my direction, pretty much all at the same time. Don’t worry, no sob stories, no broken ankles, no bonks in the head, or anything like that. But, that ball journeyed in a straight line to my feet – a nice line drive as if she had targeted specifically at my feet.

I do try to come up with lessons from even little situations in my children’s lives. And so a little while afterwards I brought up this small event. I attempted to help her see that the ball will continually proceed wherever you are looking. No matter where your current focus is then that is where the ball goes. Even if you believe you are not aiming for that area – if you are looking there then you actually are aiming for that spot as if it that were the perfect bulls-eye with regards to your target.

We could all look back at anything unfavorable in life and focus, remember, and allow some previous event to fester. In the end you will always end up back where you are looking. You will endure the same exact fate or failure over and over again. At the very least, it will certainly distract from your primary focus. It will take time away from the intense focus you must have on your goal. In the route to your targets there is simply no place for even one second of distraction.

Consider this . . . If you have a straight line from point A running straight through point B and all the way to C. Assume A is a foot away from B and B is 1 mile from point C. The line goes directly towards the target. If you miss point B, for lack of focus, by merely one inch on either side and keep going on a straight path you could be shocked at the results. Getting side tracked one inch to the left or right of point B will cause you to miss point C, your target, and the goal by a full 440 feet to either side.

With business and in life we can’t afford to be distracted for even an inch from our journey. Each and every day calls for an strenuous focus on your target. Always continue to keep your eye on the winning prize, on the target at hand. Never waiver. Do not be diverted. You can concentrate on the one particular client that you can never make completely happy, or on the one that told you No, or the one who you truly wanted to be able to do well but who never gave the effort and burn hours, days, weeks, or maybe even worse, you can lose your edge and your focus and take your own eye off of the prize. You could focus on the reason why this or that is not working and worry about it until it triumphs over you, or you can concentrate on the path that overcomes that barrier.

Focus and Mindset Affects the Attitude

Here is 1 last scenario. You can easily stand in front of the most lovely scenery, monument, or man or women within the total universe. You can stand in amazement and appreciation. Or you could have a little hangnail on your thumb and concentrate sooo much on that little issue and bring that thumb so close to your own eye that all you see is your stubby little thumb. And in the process you can miss out on that spectacular view.

This is the exact same pertaining to your business. Learn to let go of the problems, issues, stumbling blocks, and obstacles and concentrate on the answers, the ambitions, and where you want to find yourself. Stop whining and begin winning. Do not ever, at any time take your eye off of the prize. Learn to live your life on your own terms and not wallow on earlier circumstances which are out of your control. A little single inch distraction can make your goals fade into the distance and you will never get wherever you wanted and deserved to be. An intense focus and mindset can get you every thing of which you ever dreamed.

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Ed Przybylski

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