Home Business Success Steps

Home Business Success

So you are ready to get your own business into profit.  What are your first steps? Where do you get leads? What kind of prospects do you need?

There are a few types of leads that a home business owner has at their finger tips. The primary targets are opportunity seekers, opportunity doers, and of course retail sales. A combination of all 3 will lead to your Home Business Success. But what is the difference?

Home Business Success

Home Business Success

Consider that in most network marketing, mlm, or other opportunities, you can either retail the products for direct sale profits or you can recruit reps to work the business and earn residuals from their efforts. I suggest a combination of all of the above if you really want home business success. In any case there are certain things you should always have in place.

The first thing you must realize is that no matter what you are doing, if any transaction, exchange, or trade of anything is being made, you are in sales. I want to be clear on this because so many business opportunities constantly make the claim that “this is not sales”. If no sale is made then no profit is made and you are not in business.

Home Business Success requires some selling.

Granted there are some techniques that make selling easier, to the point that you do not have to be good at sales. For instance; websites, webinars, manuals, ebooks, conference calls, seminars, tele-seminars etc… can do most of the selling, convincing, and explaining for you. All types of marketing can grab the attention of the prospects and even refer them to the materials but like it or not there is still selling going on.

In fact, be proud of the fact that you are in sales. Keep in mind that no product is ever bought or sold without someone selling. This is the beginning of every transaction. No manufacturers can stay in business or employ people without the salesperson. No truck drivers or transporters have jobs without a sale being made. Competition and excellence would be gone.

Also, keep in mind that sales-people are among the highest paid people in the world.  Just like a home business owner, sales people are usually directly compensated for their performance. However, if you like being just another number and getting paid what a job is worth and do not want to be rewarded according to your efforts and performance then maybe home business success is not for you.

Keep 3 Home Business Success thoughts in mind;

1)      Statistically 80% of sales are made after the 6th  contact.

2)      Statistically 80% of the reps make far below what the top 20% do in sales

3)      Statics also show that 80% of all sales reps do not follow up more than a couple times.

Do you see any correlation in these statistics? Is it possible that the 20% of sales reps who are the top earners in the world enhance their Home Business Success simply by following up and making those additional contacts.

Now when it comes to using the internet for your home business success there are many tips and tools that can enhance your performance. One thing you will need if you end up generating a lot of traffic is an automated way to follow up. You may be able to physically follow up with 10-20 people a day but with the power of the internet you could feasibly generate far more prospects than you could ever handle.

Home Business Success Requires Automated Follow Up

That is where auto-responders come in handy. An auto-responder simply follows up with emails “auto”matically. After a prospect becomes a prospect then these automatic emails do much of the follow up and relationship building for you. You should find out as much as you can about auto-responders and all the other internet marketing tools if you want true home business success.

Ed Przybylski aka EdFromOhio

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