Marketing and Leads Generation is the key.

Marketing and Leads

When talking about website marketing and leads generation you should hear the conversation that I had today. I get this call and the gentleman says “Hello Ed This is XXXXX” (name left out to protect the innocent) “.   I was just calling because I saw your page talking about online marketing.” Great, I say, How Can I help you? “Well I have tried everything under the sun, once bitten twice shy….and I can’t seem to make anything work. I know there is a way to make money out there but nothing seems to work. Ed I saw your video (or article) and I see that you have helped a great deal of people actually succeed by teaching marketing.” “Ed, you seem like the real deal and I am going to give this one more shot…do you think this will really help me?”

I hear that over and over and over. Think about it, if you have a business, opportunity, product, service, or website that you need to get in front of a high amount of quality people then you need to be a master at marketing and leads generation.  Unfortunately, 97% of the people are failing in mlm, 70-80% are failing in network marketing, and 70% of all businesses go out of business in their first year. That means out of the massive amount of people out there who are offering to accept your money so you can take another shot at the dream, that only a small percentage of them actually can show you anything.

So what is the key to success in any opportunity? Just like I told him, If you have the greatest people skills, the greatest closing skills, the best product, and the best system on the planet….but have zero people looking at it, then you have zero sales and zero profits. It all revolves around the marketing system and the generation of highly qualified leads. On the other hand, if you have a great marketing and leads generation system then you can make money no matter what the product or your skills.

Your Business is Nothing Without Marketing and Leads

So what do most network marketers and home business owners tell you. Well, first they tell you to make a list of your friend and family and acquaintances. The butcher, the baker, and the cabinet maker and everyone in between are all of the sudden your prime targets. It doesn’t matter if the gas station attendant doesn’t have any idea how to even count your change let alone run a successful business. It doesn’t matter that your pharmacist or doctor has no need of a secondary income. It doesn’t matter that aunt Bertha runs away every time she sees you coming because you have pitched her on every other program under the sun. Pitch, Pitch, Pitch is the mantra and the rule is the 3 foot rule.  I have heard that it has extended to 3 yards now. That is where anyone within 3 yards of you is a prospect. Everywhere you go and everyone you know. What if you learned Marketing and Leads Generation?

The second technique they teach is to buy a list of leads and call, call, call. I have seen good leads that cost me over $1000 for 100 people and garbage leads that cost $10 for 10,000. This is a fast way to either break the piggy bank or your spirit, whichever comes first.

Marketing And Leads Success…

Then there are the few who will teach you to market. Think of it, you could run around and call around to thousands of people one presentation at a time through a crowd of a thousand people. Or you could hold up a simple sign telling people that you have an opportunity and let the right ones come to you. Now, out of a thousand handshakes you may sell more people into your business but I guarantee you that you won’t get through those thousand people this month. On the other hand, out of the thousand who see my sign I can get through the 10 or 20 in just a few hours and move on to the next thousand, and the next, and the next. That is the power of marketing. Check out some of my other articles and videos that will show you how to market, attraction marketing (where people chase you), remarkable systems and tools that put your marketing efforts on steroids. Learn Massive actions that will help you achieve massive results.

Ed From Ohio's Marketing and Leads Awards

Ed From Ohio's Marketing and Leads Awards

Here Is a Pic of Ed Przybylski Getting Awards for Internet Marketing and Leads Generation.

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