Jonathan Budd Scam Review And What I Did Instead….

Jonathan Budd

Jonathan Budd is EVERYWHERE!

Look up any mlm company and you will find this young super internet marketing guru. He is staking his claim on the number one youngest seven figure earner in network marketing… and he may be right. Truthfully though, what does it matter what age you are if you can learn to go from broke to seven figures in the next few years.
Jonathan Budd

Jonathan Budd

So what is it about this young entrepreneurial success story? Well first of all, we must give credit where it is due…he is a superstar…he is a very hard worker, he KNOWS how to market, he helps as many people as he can, and he knows the secrets to self branding. Those secrets right there can help anyone achieve volumes so keep that in mind.

I have been around the network marketing industry for nearly 8 years now but when Jonathan first came out I must confess I was less than impressed. I saw video after video, each one long and drawn out at least 10 minutes and none of them ever saying a whole lot other than about him and his value. BUT those long drawn out videos started coming out everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. PPC about every mlm site had a link to Budd. Emails from him from everywhere, sending me to another video. Videos all over Google, YouTube and all the lesser engines as well. I am more than impressed now.

All this exposure that he created from his own hard work paid off. Now he has been known to sell himself (his coaching) for at least $2000 on some occasions. He has created a system for anyone to use that also pays you affiliate commissions (and that he profits from as well). The keys to his success are:
a) marketing
b) marketing his value
c) branding (marketing Jonathan Budd)
d) a duplicable system (where others can market Jonathan Budd’s success to aid in their success).

So how does this benefit you? Is it all a scam? Will his system work for you? Yes there are many benefits from using Budd’s system. The major benefit is learning to market. He does provide an extreme amount of value by simply sharing with you everything he does to market. No he is not a scam, he is the real deal. And yes his system can work for you IF you work his system.

You can duplicate what he does (but most likely not his success). Don’t get me wrong. He is becoming somewhat of an icon, maybe the next Mike Dillard, but chances are that very very few will actually duplicate what any of these gurus accomplish. That’s not all bad though. What if his system can get you to a six figure income from home? Then I would say it is still highly successful and beneficial.

You can duplicate what he does because he has put a nice system in place. But your results will most definitely vary. Here is why you can never achieve Budd’s success if you use Budd’s system. While you are marketing his system and growing your business you are also growing him and his business. Every time you market Jonathan Budd you are branding him even further and growing his “Jonathan Budd” brand name. Again, you can still achieve much more in his system than you could achieve without a system but you and hundreds of others out there and are marketing him to grow their business.

The only issue is this; If YOU want to BE THE NEXT Mike Dillard, Ann Seig, Perry Marshall, Russell Brunson, Jonathan Budd, or ANY Other type of Guru then YOU need to start Branding YOU and not someone else. Sure you can make awesome money selling other peoples stuff. But ultimately you really need to SELL YOUR SELF. Become your own Brand Name so that other people on your team start promoting you to others as part of their success because of the potential to be on YOUR team.

The perfect system would be very similar to Jonathan Budd’s system but allow YOU to add value and allow YOU to be viewed as the guru so that people would want to work with YOU and start Googling YOU instead of the next guru. Work hard, learn to market everywhere and BRAND YOU. Heck, do it right, and THE NEXT GURU could very well be YOU.

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