Scot Chatron Old School Network Marketing Guru

Scot Chatron

Scot Chatron is an old school network marketing guru, first through the Coastal Vacations opportunity and now tackling Global Resorts Network. He started independently as a kid on his own and created several successful businesses. He is the perfect example of someone pulling himself up by his own boot straps and taking hold of the American Dream. “He has been involved in traditional brick and mortar companies, distribution, real estate, retail, network marketing, direct sales and manufacturing.” He has also delved into other businesses from furniture to perfume. He definitely is a master salesman and a master of offline marketing and business development.

Scot Chatron has taken those offline sales skills and those offline marketing techniques and leveraged them into massive network marketing success. After joining Coastal Vacations just a few years ago he quickly rose to a position on the board of directors. He has mastered all the traditional mlm strategies and even gone further. He is a proponent of the 3 foot rule (talking to everyone about your business within arms reach), drop cards, ballot boxes, newspaper ads, and pretty much every form of offline marketing. He has done seminars across the country and boasts recruits in nearly 50 countries.

Scot Chatron

Scot Chatron

Scot Chatron Switches

Recently Scot transferred his skills to another Network Marketing Company, Global Resorts Network (GRN) and Chatron was named the new Marketing Director for all GRN Affiliates. He has since moved from GRN, to MOR vacations, then resorts360 and most recently started working the secret formula webinar.  Scot Chatron does seem to succeed in many endeavors.

His great success has come from using the telephone. To accomplish this telephone success he has searched and found the best online lead generation companies and has mastered the art of smiling and dialing. The man is a calling machine! He prospects fast and furious and creates quick relationships. While prospecting he takes people through a process, a simple step by step system. It is entirely a sorting process letting those people who are serious move themselves through step 1, 2, 3 and close.

When it comes to coaching, Scot Chatron is also a master coach. He is not afraid to share his methods with everyone in his organization whether they are on his direct team or not. He has taught thousands of people his exact techniques by doing his prospecting on live conference calls. He has given of his time on these live conference calls several hours every day and lets all the company members hear it all…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

These are all old school techniques and, while highly effective, are not duplicable for all people. For instance, many people are not cut out for intense cold call prospecting. Many people are not comfortable talking to “every one you know every where you go”. And very people can sell with the awesome ability of Scot Chatron. While his methods are very effective he does not utilize principles like “attraction marketing and magnetic sponsoring”, SEO, internet marketing, or funded proposals.

Scot Chatron Can’t Teach You This…

Attraction marketing and magnetic sponsoring is duplicable for everyone. Anyone who adds value to prospects and gives them information that they need and that is useful up front can do well. For instance, if you provide a marketing plan and a web marketing and leads system that allows the novice to have prospects chasing them instead of you doing the chasing then you will attract recruits to you rather than doing the old call, call, call routine. It’s what Mike Dillard refers to as “sellacation” or selling by educating your prospects on things they necessarily need in order to succeed.

SEO and internet marketing are also very important but overlooked in Chatron’s process. These methods provide an ongoing supply of cheap to free leads which is crucial to a home businesses success. No Leads-No Sales-No Profits-No Business. This also leads to the importance of a funded proposal. Funded proposals, by nature, actually pay for and reduce the cost of advertising. Compare that to the major prospecting techniques of Scot Chatron that consist of buying leads at $10+ per name. We are talking a difference in techniques of generating high quality leads that pay for themselves or spending $1000 dollars for 100 leads. Just an FYI, Scot prospects through in excess of 300 names per week to achieve his success. That can run up some pretty high lead costs very quickly – especially if you don’t have the same communication and sales skills.

Scot Chatron is a great trainer and was at the top of the network marketing industry. He is a super salesman and a master prospector. Contrast that to our funded proposal attraction marketing system that actually pays us $3-$4 per lead generated whether they join our primary business or not. Using the same attraction marketing system as Ed From Ohio our team has generated over 400,000 leads in the last 12 months. Don’t forget we get paid to generate leads whether they join our primary program or not. Check out a true attraction web marketing and leads system.

Ed Przybylski has worked with Scot Chatron in the past and would be happy to teach you various forms of marketing.

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