How To Blog Without Blogging a.k.a Vlogging.

How To Blog Without Blogging a.k.a Vlogging.

So many people don’t feel like they know what to write about or what to put on their blog. I have been giving you some ideas and will continue to do so. BUT, what if you aren’t comfortable with your writing skills? What if you are not the king or queen of grammar and your spelling isn’t that hot either?

Before you start beating yourself up, realize that my good friend David Sharpe started his blogging career with such bad grammar people would email him back and say “stop sending me this Sh%$^ and learn how to write a complete sentence!” David went on to co-create a blogging platform that has paid out $25 million in commissions in just over a year. So NO EXCUSES – LET’S BLOG!

First off, when you are actually typing a blog be sure just to write it like you talk. Just like if you were sitting here and talking to me face to face. Always begin with an end in mind. For instance, if you are just telling a story, where are you going with that story? Is it just to build rapport GREAT. If it is just to teach something you know then also GREAT. But realize that your purpose is always to collect either a name and email or make a sale or build your relationship.

But back to another way to “Blog without blogging”. It’s called Video blogging or Vlogging. Again always know your purpose. Is your video meant to educate or inform or inspire? And at the end you still want your call to action to be clear and specific. For instance, you might end your video with clear and specific instructions on what you want them to do right now. Here is a sample; “If you would like to see exactly how me teaching YOU how to Blog without writing anything actually pays me daily money click the link on the right, enter in your email address, and listen to my partners explain how to get paid for Vlogging.”

So here are 3 quick ways to do video blogging. Now if you paid attention to some of my other blogging challenge posts you have seen some of my different posts. Many of those posts are “educational” in nature and in one of them I actually go in and show you exactly how to go set up a free youtube account. It is very simple to load you created videos to youtube. If you look underneath your youtube videos their is a button that says “share” that if you click on it it will give you a share link. Simply grab that code and paste it into your blog and voila; video on blog.

You could also buy a webcam for as little as $30 if your laptop does not have one built in…
First and probably simplest way to do a video is simply take your smart phone and point it at you and record a quick video of you talking right into the phone. Don’t be camera shy everyone is a star. People like to know you and who you are and who they might be working with and you might as well start building a rapport. You could also take a walk while you talk and show the scenery while you are talking. Most videos should be 3-5 minutes in length unless you are teaching something or telling a story. People will listen at length to a good story and also to get information that they are looking for.

A second way to do video is to add a few pictures or images to a site like or You can add images or pictures or even slides created in a power point presentation or screen shots. You can music and audio. It is fairly simple to download any videos you create in sites like these then upload them to your Youtube account and paste the share link into your post. You can do 30 second videos for free and for less than $5 a month you can have unlimited videos and times. Here is a sample of one I did in animoto.

A third way is to record your computer screen and show people what you are doing on your computer. If you go back to my earlier 100 days to wealth blogging trainings I illustrate how to sign up for a free youtube account and I use use a recording software called Camtasia. It is very good but costs $299 for a one time license. On the other hand you can use which is absolutely free. Even super gurus like Mark Hoverson use Jing to record screen shares under 5 minutes. This 5 minute limit is nice because it forces you to be brief and to the point. Another free software to both record your screen and edit the resulting video is And finally you can purchase Snagit for a one time fee of $49. The point is that you can make some extremely high quality videos for free or cheap that entertain, inform, educate and otherwise add value.

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Create your first video right now. Maybe a quick introduction of who you are and wy you are working from home.


Post it on you tube.


Add it to your blog. Share your post with others. Put it on Facebook, twitter, your email friends etc….

With that, I hope you enjoyed my post. If so make some comments below and let me know what you think then get your own Empower Network blog and be sure to get it for the $25 special before the they raise the price, start ranking, and making money now.

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