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Ed Przybylski

If you want to “Live the Dream” then there are certain things you really must strive for in order to achieve the success you deserve. One thing that will greatly expand your chances is to attend live events related to your opportunity. These time of events will change the way you approach your business. They will change your attitude about your business and load you up with jet fuel to grow your business.

There are a lot of people who will have excuses as to why they cannot attend these activities. Very few are legitimate excuses. The facts remain: the top performers in your company attend events, the top earners also promote these events, the top earners Live the Dream.

You cannot help but be excited when you get in the presence of hundreds of people involved in your company. Some of that mojo from all those top earners is sure to rub off on you. You will learn tips and techniques that will help you move up the ranks of your company.


We can look at your company and of course it is wise to attend those events. But there is another very important type of event. I will get to that shortly.



See, in this industry of networkers, home business owners, mlm’ers, and marketers there are two things that effect how much money you will inevitably make. The first is how people look at you as someone who can help them. The second is your ability to get your product or service in front the most people.



The number one thing any one who comes into your business needs is marketing skills. If you can acquire those skills and relate to others that you have those skills that can help them then the battle is won. Not only will people follow you, but as they get the marketing value that you bring to the table, they will also make you more money as your team explodes.



The second is getting massive amounts of people in front of whatever you are offering. This can be done offline or online but it all starts in the development of your personal knowledge and skill. The more people exposed to your opportunity the more money you will make.



Marketing To Live the Dream

I am sure you notice that both of these skills relate to marketing. Marketing answers the need of adding a skill valued by your potential prospects so that they will be more likely to join you and Live the Dream. Marketing is what you need in order to to have those pre-qualiifed prospects chasing you down with credit card in hand.



Since marketing is perhaps the most important skill you can relay to your team and have in your arsenal then it stands to reason that marketing events are some of the most important events to attend. These are the people you need to meet and this is where you gain the skills you need for success.



Of all the marketing events that will help you “live the dream” there is one event that you should not miss. Think about this: one marketing system is partly responsible for the success of hundreds of marketers, one system has grown exponentially and outpaced all other marketing systems in the industry. One system has more success stories than any other company combined.



Live the Dream System

That system is My Lead System Pro or MLSP. MLSP has taken numerous people from rags to riches. From zero marketing skills to guru status. They have become the premier marketing trainers and system on the planet.



Guess what…. They are holding the most powerful event on the planet. They are even showing you a way that you can get paid to promote the event. Even if you don’t attend yourself. But skipping this event would be one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make. We are talking about you having a chance to talk to the best marketers in the world. A chance to hang out and learn from people who have been where you are now and gone straight to the top.


It is your turn to Live the Dream now.

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