Taking Your Home Based Business to the Next Level with Online Marketing

Online Marketing For Your Home Based Business


In developing your strategy for promoting your home based business through Online Marketing, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the thousands of web based resources that are trying to offer you assistance. Let’s be honest everyone is trying to sell you something. Clearly one of the major strategies for promoting sales on the web is to get someone to your site via a blog, advertisement, or some other “research” oriented SEO result that displays your company when someone searches specific keywords.  The following six strategies will help you capture your fair share of internet traffic if promoted correctly:

1.     Have a blog or website

2.     Participate in various forms of online advertising

3.     Get listed on your local web based directory listing services

4.     Actively participate in social media opportunities

5.     Develop online networking relationships

6.     Develop a solid email contact list

Online Marketing is Still Marketing

You should always be aware of the fact that marketing is marketing whether it is through traditional offline advertising vehicles or online methods. The four keys to promotion are:

  • Advertising
  • Personal selling
  • Relationship building
  • Publicity

Successful Online Marketing depends on diversity and persistence in all of these four areas for most home based businesses to mount a successful marketing campaign. Many are simply a logical extension from one to the other. It all starts with a blog or website, everyone needs a “home base” of operations to get the message out to prospective customers. Simply put, your website or blog is the main point of contact, how you get people there, well that’s the purpose of the Online Marketing isn’t it!

The six items identified above as strategies, can all be tailored to satisfy the promotional requirements for advertising, personal selling, relationship building, and publicity. While you may look at using Google Adsense to generate additional revenue streams, you will also want to look at pay-per-click advertising methods such as Google’s Adwords or Yahoo SM (Search Marketing) to generate traffic to your website or blog. You can also do pay-per-click advertising with YouTube and Facebook and various other search engines.

Knowing what and knowing how are two totally separate things. Make no mistake, all of the suggestions above take a certain level of skill, either through sweat equity or by reaching to outside companies to have them develop these things for you. Many will say that doing all of this is “easy,” but just like offline marketing, it takes effort to track the actual results obtained through offline or Online Marketing efforts. Some of these results are very difficult to determine. You have to be careful though, many people do not realize that some aggressive marketing methods can actually damage search your engine rankings.

Always keep in mind that the search engines love traffic, and they love good content that generates this traffic. With constantly evolving methods to drive traffic to your blog or website through places like Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, good old fashioned bookmarks, and many other places, you cannot underestimate the value and effectiveness of social networking. Social networking meets the criteria for advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity for promoting your activities. You should be prepared to participate in these venues as well as part of your Online Marketing focus.

Focus Your Online Marketing

When developing an Online Marketing campaign make sure to focus on a few key methods and learn to do them well. One properly executed marketing technique can bring you more prospects than you could ever imagine.

Online Marketing Gurus

Online Marketing Gurus

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