A Second Money Secret Exposed – Massive Action = Massive Results

Here is A Second Money Secret Exposed – Massive Action = Massive Results. In your own business you are directly rewarded for your own efforts and often the efforts of others. Because of this, the more that you do the more that you get. This brings about the concept of Massive Action to get massive Results.

This is just another basic principle that is often overlooked. Now of Course we want to get people in front of our stuff no matter what we are selling. The more people who see our stuff the more money we make

Massive Action Money Secret Exposed

So what constitutes Massive Action? Let’s say you are an old school smile and dial lead calling machine. Well if you are calling 20 leads a day then massive action might be increasing that to 50 or 100 leads daily. That’s 150%-500% increase in action. It will always equal at least 1 1/2 to 5 times the results. Hence the formula Massive Action = Massive Results.

Assignment: Take Massive Action Today. Schedule it This Week. Do It and Watch Your Massive Results.

Now this simple Money Secret Exposed could help you multiply your success.  But what if I could show you how to multiply your results time 100 instead of just by 5 times. Now that would require even more massive action.

The easiest way to accomplish this is through leverage. Their is different kinds of leverages. One kind of leverage is of people or your team. That is the great thing about mlm or network marketing or having your own set of employees. You earn a percentage of everything they do.

The problem with this team building is that no one ever does it. Well not “no one”. Very few people actually duplicate. The truth about mlm is that 5 never get 5 who get 5 who get 5. In other words the pyramid never grows the way they say it will. The true way it works is like this; YOU sponsor 100. Out of that 100 just 3, that’s right just 3, will actually duplicate what you did. Now those 3 will get 100 each which is 300 +your 100 = 400. Out of those 300 you will have about 3 more out of each 100 that duplicate. In other words another 9 who get 900. Wow Ed! That is some crappy numbers. True, but if you are one of those that bring in the 100 then you will be rich. That is what they call the 2-5 year plan in mlm.

You are always either bringing in the masses yourself to find those few people who will become your stars or helping those few stars bring in the masses.

So how can we achieve even faster and greater Massive Action to get more Massive Results? One method is lots of marketing. Getting lots of people in front of your stuff. This can be done through PPC, magazine ads, voice broadcasting, and many other methods. In fact the Empower Network product called the $15k Formula actually reveals the massive marketing secrets of 20 top earners in the entire industry. It is by far the very best and most valuable marketing training I have ever seen. Massive marketing is one form of Massive Action.

One last way to create Massive Action and Massive results is by using tools. Super charged tools that get lots of people in front of your stuff. Tools like auto-responders and  voice broadcasters. Used properly, a voice broadcaster can contact 10,000 people in an hour on your behalf. So start applying massive action into your business and get massive results in your business.

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