EcoFresh USA Opportunity Review

EcoFresh USA

EcoFresh USA is an MLM opportunity focusing on the green movement and the environment. It is based in the health and wellness industry and promotes a deodorizing cleaner which is safe for the environment. The other goal, and their selection of marketing, is to utilize Multi-Level Marketing to expand and to help people make a passive revenue. Here is a quick review of this business and opportunity and what can make contributions to you becoming a leader in this company.

The company is based in Texas and has been in existence since 1970. All products of this company are made of a natural plant-based formula. The products don’t contain any bleach or ammonia and are biodegradable. This “green” or earth friendly cleaner can be employed on hard surfaces, floors or in the air.

Learn To Market EcoFresh From a Professional Marketer

Learn To Market EcoFresh From a Professional Marketer

EcoFresh is a multilevel marketing opportunity and does not place any of its products in stores in order to distribute their products. They depend on individual distributors to sell it to customers and to more distributors who also become customers. Being a business, it does have a start up cost as well as an auto-ship of the product itself to begin. Distributors of the company are offered 3 consultant levels to get started.

EcoFresh Pay

The compensation plan with EcoFresh will be based totally on not only multiple levels, but through the retail sales of the product itself. By educating others on why it is important to use green products the distributor will help others start with their own auto-ship of the product. Compensation is based on 3% up to 10% on the personal sales of the individual member. Of course the passive income will be by recruiting many others into the opportunity and the numerous people in your down line. With this the likelihood of collecting up to 48% of the retail sales of your group can be made.

Here are some various inducements in the pay plan.
*Straight commission Product sales directly or through a personalized internet site can earn 25 % commission.
*Sales Bonus – Sell over $2,000 per month and earn 10% extra commissions.
*Leadership Bonus – Earn an additional 3% off of directors in your down-line
*Multi Levels go five deep – Make 6 % of each sale and on the sales of your distributors that you inducted. It can add up to 48 percent commission.
*Dream bonuses – Directors at level one can make $300 bonuses each month and directors at level five would be able to make $700 every month additional revenue.

The EcoFresh distributors are offered varied training programs by the company to help them to hike sales and earn compensation. There are no start up bonuses paid to members. The commissions, which are paid to members are directly related to their performance and sales volume. Members don’t need any previous sales experience but this is a decent opportunity for those that wish to earn an extra income by marketing Eco friendly products and can now learn the abilities you need to handling a business.

EcoFresh Success

While EcoFresh is a legitimate business venture with a great product, your success in this venture will be set by your work ethic and over all marketing skills. Success will be decided by you and what you can learn and then apply. You can take the old route and struggle through inducting your acquaintances and family, but if you’d like to continue to grow your business you will need to learn to promote. If you gain a few online marketing talents and truly master them you can dominate online and brand yourself as the front runner in this opportunity. At the same time you can have a powerful stream of prospects getting in touch with you daily instead of you running around town chasing folks down with fliers in your hand.

In any MLM opportunity, recruiting is where you’ll create that desired residual income and passive revenue. While the general public fail in any business you can leverage the attempts of others and build a strong team and revenue through effective online marketing skills and a good mentor. That could be two separate mentors, one in EcoFresh and a professional marketer. Make sure you find that marketing coach who will help you build any business before you join any opportunity including EcoFresh. If you would like dozens of people chasing you daily about EcoFresh check out this Marketing System Now.

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