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What is It’s an effective marketing system that’s been used to promote an mlm company for several years. They market it on radio talk shows as a way to earn money from the comfort of home. The system acts as what is called a funded proposal for a company called herbalife.

The offer is $9.95 for shipping and handling. If the prospect keeps the information kit for 14 days they are automatically billed an additional $39.95. The mass majority neglect to cancel and the rep then earns a commission whether the prospect buys or not. Once you purchase the $9.95 you are a “Lead”and the rep will call and guide you through the information funnel.

It’s actually quite an ingenious little system. After all, the reps advertising costs are supplemented by the prospect. In effect, the prospect is paying to become a lead. If a businesses marketing is paid for then that business can market forever in an unlimited amount.

The sales funnel is designed to gather the prospects at a reduced cost in order to up-sell you into Herbalife. If the prospect doesn’t join that’s ok. But if the prospect does join then the rep earns an additional commission for that next step. They also earn a commission every month as you get your monthly product shipment. Either way their business is growing.

But is a Scam?

While some make claims that IncomeAtHome is a scam, in truth, it is not. and Online Business Systems are very simply a way to promote Herbalife. Herbalife and other multi-leveling marketing programs are proven methods for companies to advertise their products and get them distributed to the public. Companies like Tupperware, Amway, Pampered Chef, Avon, Marky Kay, Numis and many other companies have become extremely lucrative. Herbalife products are health supplements and the company is now a multimillion dollar publicly traded company. advertises that the opportunity is working even though our down economy is not. This is true. Most network marketing and multi-level marketing opportunities can pick up when the economy is depressed. That is because people start looking for a way out and get sick and tired of going no where and of always being at risk of being another lay-off statistic.

Many people do fail at multi-level-marketing, but most people also fail at a “real job.” Think about the 90% of the population who work forty hours a week for forty years and end up with a retirement that barely feeds them dog food. Social security and small retirement funds are usually not enough to live a comfortable life. While people work their lives away for “the dream” that never comes, somehow they maintain hope in a broken system of employment and slaving away for others.

In Multi-level and network marketing at least average people can have a hope and a way to build a residual income without firing their boss and losing that security. Since most multi-level marketing companies publish the overall incomes results of their distributors we can compare this somewhat to a job. But remember, very few network marketers actually work their business forty hours weekly. Typically mlm distributors don’t make a living at their chosen mlm. In fact, usually only about 5% of the distributors can actually make a living. Most make just barely enough to pay for or get a discount on the products they are getting auto-shipped. On the other hand, most reps that stick with their company and have a consistent effort will usually start earning a residual. This however could take a couple years.

Work With A Mentor Who Can Help You With

Work With A Mentor Who Can Help You With Markting And Leads

The Key to success in any network marketing or multi-level marketing company, like, is to learn to market and have a simple duplicable system. Generating Marketing and Leads is paramount if you want to succeed in earning

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