LifeVantage Scam Review And Marketing

LifeVantage Scam?

LifeVantage is great, but what is so important about this review. One very important concept to grasp before you start working with any company is to consider the marketing tools at your disposal. So the important consideration here is that while you were doing your research and due diligence you somehow ended up here. That is the power of good marketing techniques. Make sure as you look at this opportunity that you do have a a good system for offline as well as web marketing and leads.

So is LifeVantage a scam? I would say that the company appears stable and the product is living up to some great expectations. It is traded with the stock ticker symbol LFVN and has traded as low as .10 and over $20. Their anti-aging products are centered around a supplement called Protandim. It is a supplement and therefor not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Still, they are cautious about making dubious or over rated claims.

Just like any supplement, there are people who love it and swear by to its attributes. For example, many people claim that vitamin C is the best thing to ever hit humanity. Others claim that vitamin D will cure everything. Unregulated substances from sunlight to creatine, and everything in between, get rave reviews as well as those who claim that they do nothing.

LifeVantage Products

Of course, as with any health and wellness multi-level marketing company the followers of the LifeVantage product are sold on the company heart and soul…errr…and body too. The nice thing is that while some health and wellness companies have an extensive product line LifeVantage focuses on only 2 products. The primary product is Protandim with a second product being a skin care product and both in the anti-aging category.

The Pay Plan is quite lucrative as well. Nearly all MLM’s have very lucrative pay plans…If you can successfully work the business. LifeVantage is no exception to the rule. They have a strong multi-level pay plan that pays 9 levels deep. They have potential for matching bonuses on the first 4 levels as well.

LifeVantage Pay Plan

One thing that is very attractive is that they have coded bonuses integrated into their pay plan. If you are familiar with mlm compensations then you can appreciate coded bonuses. The largest checks in mlm history come from companies with coded bonuses. Another side note is that companies with binary compensations have the largest residual checks. That is something you may want to consider when looking at any company.

In any company you must be able to believe in the product. If you try the product and love it, can believe in it, and would buy it even if they never paid you to promote it then it is probably a good match for you. If not, then you should probably keep looking. Two weaknesses I saw was the marketing system and the landing page.

In any case a corporate landing page almost never does the job for you. The same is true for the LifeVantage corporate page. Yes it’s beautiful and sells the product and the company well. But it leaves you out of the picture. Sure there is a “contact us” button, but your potential client can do most of their due diligence without giving you their contact info. That means if they don’t buy on the very first visit you will probably lose the sale.

The marketing system is pretty much what nearly every one teaches. You know, go out and hit up your friends and family. When they run out on you, or away from you, then you start hitting up strangers. Now these methods do work for some but for most they fail miserably. For great success you need an attraction marketing strategy and system to help you get your business to the level that you desire.

That is exactly why I have put together this site and a duplicable system that anyone can use. This is your link to have people find YOU while they are researching your company, just like you found this article. To learn more about Web Marketing And Leads make sure you get my free LifeVantage marketing training boot camp. The other problem of the landing page can also be overcome by using our system. And guess what, they’re free to any one who would like to apply our system. Get your training boot camp and make your business more profitable than you could imagine.

LifeVantage Marketing

LifeVantage Marketing

LifeVantage can work for you too with the right system in place.

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