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MLM Recruiting Variations

Are there standard methods that any one from any company can use for mlm recruiting? Absolutely! Admittedly, there are many ways to recruit for your mlm both offline and online, paid and free, face to face or through telephone lines or computer lines. But when it comes to mlm recruiting systems there are 2 basic techniques of approaching potential prospects.

One of the main approaches that nearly all mlm companies and network marketing companies teach is to pitch the company, the products, and the compensation plans. It is basically a way of mlm recruiting that emphasizes developing people skills and ultimately sales skills. You learn how to strike up conversations with strangers, create interest sparking remarks that will get the interest of people you casually meet, and build relationships or connections. Now don’t get me wrong, all of these are great skills to have. However, not every one has those skills or is comfortable with approaching people on a regular basis to pitch a product, program, company, or pay plan through MLM Recruiting.

In truth mlm recruiting this way requires an incredible amount of dedication and commitment and following the old rule of thumb “spread the word to every one you know every where you go”. Don’t get me wrong, the masters of these techniques can get rich in a short amount of time, but the masses cannot usually duplicate their success. The masters usually also end up organizing house meetings and meeting with dozens of people at a time.  They are true socialites that like being the stars in the front of the room. If that is your personality type then by all means throw yourself into this technique. You will also get to be a leader and guide your team and show them the ropes and nudge them constantly to action.

While still taking the same mlm recruiting method of pitching the company, product, and pay plan-there are other ways of gathering leads and you don’t necessarily have to hold house meetings and chase your friends and family. You can learn to advertise and market on the web or offline. Get people that are interested in the general “make extra money from home” idea and then call them back and get them to go to your information, follow up, do three ways with your upline, and ultimately close the sale. We could go into all types of marketing here but this article is more about the styles that people use for mlm recruiting.

MLM Recruiting Problem

The one difficulty that must be overcome with this mlm recruiting style is that it puts you into a difficult position. Just by nature of this system you are now chasing the prospect, presenting, and getting them to jump through hoops and finally signing up. You can try to operate from a position of authority and detachment but at some level you NEED to recruit them into your business while they technically don’t need your business or you.

The second format of mlm recruiting is more of an attraction method. This mlm recruiting method has people chasing you and what you have to offer instead of the other way around. This system will get people to WANT to go through it and get all the information on their own. Think about it, what if you could get people that would take it all upon themselves to go through your system and get all the information and actually call you back or email you back with a few questions, OR MAYBE EVEN JUST SIGN UP WITH OUT EVEN TALKING TO YOU. That is the power of attraction marketing and an attraction marketing system.

MLM Recruiting Success

So how do you create this attraction mlm recruiting system? Well first of all you need to focus on people who need what you have. Then you must offer them something that will draw them to you. Typically the people who focus on this strategy concentrate more on the system itself rather than the company, product, or pay plan. Just like McDonalds has a flawless system so powerful the average teenager could run it – you to need a strong system for this mlm recruiting style.

This mlm recruiting model would have the recruiter approach his/her prospects as a helper fulfilling a need and offering a helping hand to others to help them get what they want. Like Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring he states that no one who ever bought a drill came looking for a drill, they came looking for a way to make a hole or holes. So if you were to show them how to make the perfect size and dimension holes as part of what you offer them and then say “oh, by the way, we also have these drills over here. According to Mike Dillard and many other millionaire network marketers who take this approach they say you will sell more drills because you provided the customer with important valuable information.

So how can you do that in your opportunity? How can you provide value and a solution to the home based business industry? Market the solution to the main problem that network and mlm marketers have in their mlm recruiting and that all new people to the industry will face. Their main problem is having enough of the right people to talk to that want what they are offering. Hot Leads and pre-qualified prospects is what they need to know how to generate. So offer them a solution and give them advice and tools that will help them solve that problem. These can be through free information in articles just like this or it can even be in showing or reviewing tools and products that will help them with their solution. The great thing is you can even earn affiliate incomes off of the paid for items that are part of their solution.

Just like the hole maker having a tendency to buy the drill from the hole making teacher–similarly, your prospects whom you teach to market and generate leads will probably come to you to purchase an opportunity since you revealed their true needs and how to overcome the weaknesses of their mlm recruiting system.

If you would like to see an example of the number one attraction marketing system, that is fully customizable, brands YOU as the guru, trains your prospects for you, and provides the solution to their marketing and lead generation then you should click on the MLSP link to the right that mentions Free Leads and Free Training.

MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting

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