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Here are some quick MonaVie Reviews.

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MonaVie Marketing Reviews  and Profits

There are many Mona Vie Reviews that cover many various aspects of Mona Vie. Some reviews cover the company, the product, the marketing, recruiting and much more. This review is just a simple logical look at whether taking advantage of the opportunity makes sense or not.

First this is not one of those MonaVie reviews telling you START NOW and you’ll be a millionaire tomorrow. It is not a review that calls MonaVi a scam so I can promote some competing juice. I am going to look at what most reps do and if the opportunity is legitimate. Either way, it is up to you to decide.

No Matter what you do or what you promote you will need a strong Monavie marketing plan in place if you want to earn above average incomes with Mona Vie. To know if above average is possible you need to at least see what average is first. In this analysis I will not count customers purchases because they buy just for the sake of the product and not for the sake of the Mona Vie opportunity.

Monavie Marekting and Monavie Review

Monavie Marketing and Monavie Reviews

With a close look at Mona Vie’s income disclosure you can see that 85% of the distributors earn between $1214 and $1817 per year. Not a lot of extra cash in your pocket. Especially when you consider that to stay an active distributor you must maintain at least 100PV or volume of Mona Vie. 100PV costs about $120 per month or $1440 per year. That means that 50% of the reps spend about $4.54 per week to drink Mona Vie and about 35% get paid about $7.52 per week. Just a casual look at that doesn’t look real favorable but let’s take a little deeper look.

85% of those distributors, according to the disclosure, only work an average of 4.8 hours per week. So with very minimal effort the vast majority of distributor’s main benefit is to work very little and basically get their Mona Vie paid for through that small amount of effort. Now in my judgment that is not a bad trade off. Add to that the other benefit that with their free juice comes also the opportunity to possibly earn a great income and I can see why someone would join even knowing that the average rep just makes enough to pay for what is considered a very beneficial product.

Think of it this way, celebrities all over the world get paid to endorse different products. A Mona Vie distributor basically gets their product free for endorsing the product. But the more people that hear about that distributor’s endorsement the more money that rep earns.  Basically you get paid to help people get their Mona Vie free. The more people you introduce Mona Vie to and then help them then the bigger your check gets. Now I don’t ever see that happening with you drinking your morning Orange Juice. You’ll never get your OJ free and you’ll definitely never get paid to drink it unless you’re some ultra famous super star.

Now the people that work the opportunity between 6 and 40 hours per week, can actually get paid in excess of a real job. The top 15% of Mona Vie distributors earn between $4000 and $3.4 million per year. This is an incredible chance to for you to get paid like a superstar. However, to achieve this success you must have a Monavie marketing system in place that attracts 1000’s to you. Check out my short video illustrating the benefits and look up my marketing system that allowed our team to place 150 mlm’ers in a day and recruit nearly 500 people in 4 weeks. What would that do to your Mona Vie check?

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