StarScapes Success Depends On Your Marketing System

StarScapes Success…

Starscapes has been around for over a decade and many people are making money with Starscapes. However, just like any other business or opportunity many people will struggle. Your success is determined by your ability to market.

Starscapes uses their proprietary techniques to paint glow in the dark stars on a ceiling or wall. The water-based, non-radioactive, and non-toxic, painting is invisible during the day…so, it will not interfere with any decorating scheme. Starscapes boasts that at night, when it is dark… The white ceiling looks black as the lights are turned off and gives the appearance of a starry night sky.

Starscapes’ states that people will gladly pay you up to $200.00, $500, $1,000 and more for a room. The owners state that people love their ceilings so much that the artist can be kept busy by simply getting referrals from friends who see the room. While that may be true, there are many other ways to market Starscapes. Some can be quite expensive and some can be as much as…well…FREE!

Some people will put a beautiful graphic on the side of their car or van with their number. Of course, business cards, fliers, newspapers, and word of mouth will work as well.

StarScapes Success Depends on marketing

But what if you could find some ways to market through the internet that cost you absolutely nothing. There are many ways to accomplish this with the right training and techniques. Just like this article. Since you are obviously reading this article you somehow found it on the internet. How would you like to get an article about your business ranked on google. It would be fairly easy for you to type up a decent Starscapes article. One little secret might be to include the name of the area that you service in the title and description of your article. For Instance, instead of titling your article “Starscapes Ceilings Will Beautify Your Room” you could “Miami Starscapes Artists Help Beautify Your Room.” That simple change would help you rank at the top of google for a search done on “Miami Starcapes”. This same tip applies to videos, blogs, articles, press releases, podcasts, etc…

Speaking of which those are a few more ways to market your company. Videos always rank well on google search engines. Especially YouTube videos (since google bought them out). People watch literally billions of videos every single month. This can be a free tool to get people to see how good your stuff is and at the same time generate some free traffic to your information and drum up the business without expensive yellow page ads and billboards or vehicle graffiti. But do not just rely on the top video host of You Tube. There are literally dozens of video sites out there that you can post your videos too. In fact, a post to 4 or 5 of these smaller sites could get you more hits than a youtube video.

Press Releases are a nice way to announce your business both online or offline. Blogs are an awesome way to get people to know you and your services. You can sell them on you, your company, and your service at the same time that you are educating them. One of the most popular online gurus calls this sell-acation.

Almost any of these simple techniques can really drum up some business and are fairly easy to search out on google or yahoo or the various other search engines. There are many advanced techniques that may be a little harder to figure out but with the right marketing system you can make sure that you push your articles, videos etc… right to the top of the search engines for your chosen keywords.

Final Thoughts On StarScapes Success

One last technique that will ensure your success is to design a way, or have one pre-designed for you, to make money from the people who do not buy from you. This is called a funded proposal. Funded proposals enable you to make money while people are researching your system. This way, whether they buy from you or not you still make money. Pretty sweet deal. Some marketing systems have funded proposals built in while others just help you market. The most successful systems include a funded proposal from the start.

In conclusion, Starscapes can be a lucrative opportunity as long as you have the proper marketing system that gets a stream of prospects funneling towards your service. If you do not market your starcapes business you are out of business before you even start.

Ed Will Help You Market Starscapes

Ed Will Help You Market Starscapes

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