What is EmpowerPostcards.com

What is EmpowerPostcards.com

So I open up mail the other day and I get this letter with a self addressed envelope inside. This guy got in the mail his EmpowerPostcard.com  postcard.

He looks over the post card and is quite intrigued. But as he reads and gets more interested he does what every at least half sophisticated, internet impacted individual today would do. He goes to the internet to look up the site and (due to what appears to be a typo) the site is blank. Still this card has him pretty curious as to how a homeless van man and a reformed substance abuser could somehow grab the world by the testicles and start squeezing money out. Literally to the tune of about $7 million in about 6 months of 100% commissions all paid out to affiliates just like me (and maybe just like you).

Not only that, but they are helping hundreds, thousands, and even 10’s of thousands to gain financial freedom. In fact their success is so overwhelming they kept it… almost a secret. But eventually they revealed it and created this highly successful system called Empower Network.

Now back to my story. Our friend goes to the internet, searches and finds nothing because of the typo. He sees a few testimonies from the top earners in the company that are printed on the actual postcard and finds the guy in first place on the card … Ed Przybylski from Ohio.

So now he searches me out and finds out I am a top earner in the entire home  based business industry. To top it off I have my contact information plastered all over every where.

So our friend sends me this self addressed envelope asking me questions and wanting me to show him the solution. Show him the money and send him this letter revealing what this is all about. So I felt the need to let him know EXACTLY how EmpowerPostcards.com really works.

I also felt Compelled to illustrate it by using the actual Empower Network System. That is why it is right here in front of God, Google and everyone else. See the Empower Network is a blogging platform.

All you have to do is blog daily. What is blogging and a blog? Well, let’s pretend I gave you a column in your local newspaper and said “Here you go. Here is your spot. I need you to write 400-1000 words a day on any topic you choose. In fact write about anything you like. Just do these 3 things; BLOG daily (ex. make a post about anything you like), TELL people, GET PAID!” That’s it. We and Google will do the rest for you. That’s all a blog post is except it’s just on the internet instead of your local paper.

By the way, since Empower Network is one of the top 275ish blogs in the entire country, we’ll even move it to the top of google and other search engines for you. All you have to do is write the posts for us so that Google has something of OURS to put on the front page about EVERYTHING in the universe. That’s where you come in. We need writers to blog about anything and everything so that when people search anything and everything… they find US, and then YOU get paid.

It’s really that simple. You write a post. Google puts it on the front page. Someone  searches and your blog pops up automatically. The person sees an opportunity on the top, side, or bottom of your blog to earn money from the internet. They click the link and when they join YOU get paid ALL the money. We instantly create the blog for you. We make the capture pages. We make te sales video. We collect the money when they sign up. Then we send you 100% of the commissions.

All you do is give Google and the other search engines something to put on their front page, even this article about Empowerpostcards.com. Heck. It Is Pretty hard To Screw This One Up People!

So all EmpowerPostcards.com is is someone sending out postcards to direct people to the blog. Not a bad idea. But obviously… that is one thing someone could actually screw up. Otherwise their link would have been active when my new found friend looked me up. In fact, at the time of me writing this post I have already earned well over $40,000 and the company as only been around 6 months.  And I only blogged and sent out an email that they gave me to send out. When people read my articles and click on the banners, they are already ON MY BLOG. All the links are TIED TO ME. So I can’t screw it up. Well, unless I try to reinvent the wheel or neglect to post something about anything on the blog they made for me.

This keep it simple system has paid out over $7 million in 100% commissions in 6 months. It has attracted  30,000 members in the same 6 months. And out of 30,000 members Ed Przybylski From Ohio (that’s me, the guy on your card) is one of the top 30 members. And all I did is exactly what they told me too.

Want a top earner to show you the ropes and how to make money with this simple system?

Empower Network helped me get this big giant check without empoweredpostcards.com

Empower Network helped me get this big giant check even without empoweredpostcards.com

Just want more information about the simple system that EmpowerPostcards.com is trying to promote? Watch one of the FREE Empower Network videos and just CLICK HERE NOW.

EmpowerPostcards.com Just Markets Empower Network

Contact me personally if you have any other questions and I look forward to helping you fire your boss and get everything you’ll ever want!

Ed Przyblski From Ohio can show you how to market EmpowerPostcards.com

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