Conquer XPPS With The Internet

XPPS can be done online as well as offline

In this competitive age it pays to be a well rounded marketer AND it pays big.

Everyone is quickly learning or quickly learn that most people are failing miserably on the internet when it comes to making money. It is obvious you can’t just slap up a video and a blog and expect people to just start joining and buying. But somehow some internet newbs become gurus overnight.

On the other hand, offline marketers and business owners traditionally face the same struggles. Failure rates of over 90% are the stats for traditional network marketing and mlm companies. People quickly get tired of chasing their friends and family. They go broke buying leads and doing the old call, call, call routine. They Burn out before they can become a star. yet still somehow a few nobodies become great big sombodies and are propelled to stardom.

What is the secret to online or offline success. It’s all about the marketing and the system. Some of these poor schlub looking types become the guru overnight because they some how crack an internet or offline marketing code or system and voila. Success.

The big difference between the successes and the failures number 1: Not knowing how to market. For the internet you have to know how to drive massive traffiv to a blog, website or capture page. And then as people sign up you must have a system, a blueprint, that anyone can duplicate. There are a few out there. One that came out last year exploded the internet and took 3 poor broke failing internet schlubs and turned them into internet rockstars earning $2,290,834.37 in 12 months. How? A system that anyone can be trained in and duplicate in a brief time period. One of their latest success stories is of David who went from living in his van to buying beach front property in cost rica in 8 months and dozens more.


Now this system just launched an offline marketing system and are offering an incredible free dvd and free training/blue print on how several people in this exact system have gone to 7, yes 7, figure incomes in a year. This system has been wildly successful because they teach everything that all of the top earners are doing on a regular and cutting edge basis.

Now offline XPPS is rocking. They send out cheap, simple, postcards that grab attention and $100 bills for those that are mailing. The beauty is that they also teach marketing strategies to all of their members. Only in this case all these strategies utilize offline marketing. They have an incredible payplan which also is out of this world.

Why is the payplan so important? Because in this paplan every time someone you personally sponsor makes $100 you also make $100. Think about that for a minute. That means a sponsor is very motivated to get you making money because he/she will reap the same reward. If you get 10 people making $500 per week then you are making $500 per week TIMES 10. Talk about a vested interest in helping people. Check out the payplan at

So these 2 companies are achieving great success for their members. Their members are achieving great success for themselves. What do they have in common? First, they both are centered around helping people succeed. Second, they both provide simple systems that anyone can duplicate. Third, they both create a vested interest in team members helping their recruits succeed. Fourth, they both focus completely on something every business, salesperson, networker or mlmer absoluteley needs: MARKETING. Simple methods to get whatever you are offering in front of thousands daily.

So what is the significance of these 2 companies being in the same article in 2 totally different marketing arenas?


Because another multiple 6 figure earner is teaming both of these great companies together to create insane marketing and home-based-business success. Ed Przybylski is teaching people to use internet marketing to accent offline marketing and how to use offline marketing programs to explode your online marketing.

The best of 3 worlds wrapped up into 1. Top earner coaching, superb online “conquer the internet” marketing and Xtreme Post Card and offline marketing to create the perfect and well rounded money gurus.

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