XPPS Secret Success Tip!

XPPS Success Tips

I’ll let you know right up front that I do have a membership with XPPS AND HAVE SUCCESS. I am a top-level marketeer and I am really not afraid to tell you some things right up front.

First off, the program is a post card program. The initials stand for Xtreme Postcard Profit System. The product simply teaches folks the easy way to market offline. Naturally the company wants you to use those marketing methods to market to XPPS Success but these abilities may be employed to market any business that you need.

The price is $249 to get involved. That is a very reasonable cost to get yourself into your own business. $49 goes to the company once yearly, also a particularly fair cost. $100 goes to your sponsor and the other $100 goes to your sponsors sponsor.

Profit With XPPS Success

This can be a powerful pay plan if worked correctly. Think about this: every sign up into your business makes you $100. Now that isn’t bad. But the power is in the people you sponsor. The way that it works is that each sale you personally sponsored earns them $100 and gets you a $100 match.

That is amazingly strong! Give it some thought, whether or not you lose money for everyone that ever joins you-you can still earn money here. If you get 5 folks who work this business faithfully enough to make just one sale per week then you’re making $500 per week free money. Get 10 or 20 over time and life might get fairly easy.

Herein lies the difficulty though. Getting folks to copy your XPPS Success. You would think mailing cheap, easy, postcards would be so fully straightforward that everyone would jump all over it and attack this program. Part of the issue is in the price of engaging in business.

To mail out one thousand postcards will cost between $450-$600. If you get 1/2 a percent you would break even right? Five recruits equals $500. But you would have a front line who would begin to make you money. There is the issue. Of all the people that join any programme eighty percent never start working their business. I believe many of us today have a lottery mindset. They buy the lotto ticket programme and wait for the man to ship them the money.

Well if you spend $600 to get 3-5 folk and already lost a few hundred and one of those new people repeats your effort and gets one or two people then NOW you are about even. You must keep reinvesting that money into more mailings to gradually build that front line. The two out of ten that actually work it see similar lackluster results and aren’t blown away. So it is tough to sustain the success that you and they need long enough to build yours and their team.

So what’s the SECRET to earning profits with XPPS? The secret is to use multiple forms of marketing that are far less expensive than simply mailing postcards. Not only that, but teach your team to do the same. How about some video marketing or article marketing. There are dozens of ways to market for free to inexpensive online and off. Take advantage of them.

This can lower your cost and your teams costs to do business. This suggests higher and more sustainable profits. I guarantee you that everybody who is achieving substantial success is doing alternate kinds of marketing (but many of them won’t tell you ). Make sure that when you join you ask your sponsor what ways you will be marketing and if they tell you with just post cards keep searching for the next sponsor.

Take it from someone who has been successfully marketing from the comfort of home since 2003.

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XPPS Success

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