Home Business Prospecting

Home Business Prospecting

Home Business Prospecting can be tricky business if you are inexperienced.  There are a couple ways to do it.  One way is by presenting your opportunity at first initial contact which requires an ability to sell and present. The other way is by inviting your prospect to take a look at your opportunity presentation sometime in the near future.  If you are new to network marketing, mlm, or internet marketing it is advised that you start with the inviting process first.  There are certain steps that should be followed in the inviting stage of prospecting.

Home Business Prospecting Steps

1. Greet.  This first step in the Home Business Prospecting is to greet your prospect.  This can be on the phone or in person.  In this step, you are actually just going to have a small conversation with your prospect.  This conversation should not be about your business but rather something more general like the weather or a good book.  This step opens your prospect up and gets them talking freely.

2. Qualify.  The next step in prospecting is to qualify your prospect.  This is the process of learning what your prospect wants and needs.  You are basically finding out their “why”. You can do this by asking them questions.

3. Invite.  The third step is to invite your prospect to take a look at your home business.  When doing this, it is vital that you do not push your business on them but rather wrap it around their needs.  For example, if they are looking to build financial freedom, you can structure your Home Business Prospecting around how your presentation will show them how they can achieve financial freedom with your opportunity.

4. Close to Action.  The next step in the inviting process is to set a specific date and time to go through the presentation with your prospect.  Whether the presentation is through a webinar, phone conversation or hotel meeting, an exact date and time should be scheduled.

5. Follow up.  This is an important step in prospecting.  This can be either to follow up with your prospect a day or two before their appointment to remind them or to follow up after a business presentation has already been given to see if they have made a decision. There is an old expression “the fortune is in the follow up.”

Those are the steps for inviting prospects to a presentation.  If you are more experienced in network marketing, you could just present your opportunity on first contact.  The presenting system involves greeting the prospect, qualifying them, doing your presentation, close to action and following up later on if necessary.  There is no “inviting” in this stage and is usually effective only if you know what you are doing.

Home Business Prospecting KEY

The last important thing is to ask for a commitment.  This step is missed by so many entrepreneurs.  In fact, over 75% of presentations end without asking for a commitment or sale.  Getting prepared for this vital question can help.  Write down exactly how you plan to ask them for their commitment and have it in front of you during your presentation as a reminder that you need to ask this important question at the close of your presentation.

I personally like to Pre-Close. In other words, ask a question to determine whether or not they are ready to be closed. One example; Can you see yourself using this product, or making money with this program, or how this will make your life so much easier. An affirmative answer indicates it is time for you to ask for the sale. Another question might be “on a scale of 1-10 are you ready to start using this.” A rating below 8 would suggest sending them to more information while 8+ indicates they are ready to be closed.

Prospecting for your business does not have to be hard.  You just need to understand the difference between the inviting system and the presenting system and be prepared to ask for a commitment.  This is what truly leads to a successful home based business.

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Home Business Prospecting Coaching With Ed From Ohio

Home Business Prospecting Coaching With Ed From Ohio

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