Keywords and Keyword Selection

Keywords and Keyword Selection Are Important

If you are someone who has a website up for any reason, it goes without saying that you want for people to read your website.  The internet is a worldwide enterprise, and there are untold millions of websites all in competition for the attention of readers and buyers.  The good news is that with the millions, possibly billions of people who have either home computers or access to one, there is a good chance that a few thousand will stumble across your website.  The bad news is that even with the millions of people “out there” on the internet, there is no guarantee that they will tune in to read your website.  So having said this, you need to find a way to draw people over to your website.  You need to find a way to stand out from the crowd, relatively speaking.  You need to let people know that you exist, and that you have something valuable to say, or to sell.

You might have the best invention or website since, well, the creation of the internet.  But if no one knows about you, it doesn’t matter.  So how do you get people to know that you are on the map? How can you get them to see that your webpage needs their attention?  You would do this with marketing your site.  One simple way to market your site is with a plan that could be thought of as a word game.  The term for this plan is called keywords.  What are keywords?  Keywords are words or phrases that are implanted in the body of a text.  These words are meant to correspond with words that are typed in to the search box of search engines. The purpose of keywords and keyword selection is to direct traffic to your website.

For example, let’s say that a person wants to buy a red wagon.  They would go to their favorite search engine, and punch in the phrase red wagon.  Then, they would get result links for all of the websites that discuss or sell red wagons.  How does the search engines “know” which websites to pull up?  There are keywords and keyword phrases that are on these websites.  If the words or phrase “red wagon” is on the site, the results will pull it up.

Keywords and Keyword Selection That Works

Now here’s where it gets interesting.  Not only does a site owner want their site to show up on results, but they want their website to get a very high page ranking.  This means that it will show up preferably on the first page of the search engine, but even better, in the top five.  This is because most people don’t look for information past the second page and 54% of all clicks are on the top 3 links.  So most of the time, if your website doesn’t show up on the first couple of search engine pages, you might as well not market your website.  Now thinking about this, you would have to create content on your website that is rich with the right keywords.  The right keywords are going to be words and phrases that are going to be the most relevant or attractive to visitors of your site.

Keyword and Keyword Selection


This is what keyword selection is all about.  It’s a fun science of seeing what keywords will work to get you the coveted high ranking that you desire by analyzing keyword competition as well as keyword search volume.  Again, the whole point is to be as noticeable as possible, so that visitors will visit your website.  So what you need to do is to play with the search engines, and write down certain phrases.  You need to see what types of rankings and websites those phrases and words pull up.  You will get the hang of which keywords work for you. Of Course other marketing techniques are relevant. There are also books and programs to help you with  Keyword and Keyword Selection.

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