What is The Freedom Fighters Network?

What is The Freedom Fighters Network?

First off, I want to be clear that I am in the Freedom Fighters Network and that When You Decide To Join I will earn a commission. The cool thing is that when you refer someone you will also Earn a Commission. In fact, the founders, Angela and Jordan are so certain that you will earn income that they will pay you $150 if you refer people and still don’t make money.

The Freedom Fighters NetworkOh, and every time you get paid you get “The Money Dance Email” with this picture of the founders Angela and Jordan. Since they launched I have averaged 1 to 2 sign ups a day and have been getting those same money dance emails. It’s your turn now. So back to The Freedom Fighters Network Review.

 Angela and Jordan are friends of mine who have been very successful marketers for the past few years. More importantly, they were sick of seeing others fail. Sick of complex systems. Tired of team mates working for months only to give up in despair.  So they created a simple system.. The Freedom Fighters Network.

Here are some of the cool features.

  1. Right off the bat, before you even see the presentation, they offer to pay $150 out of their pocket if you don’t MAKE MONEY!
  2. Once you Get Inside to see how it works in a short presentation they offer you a chance to TRY IT FREE for 7 days. Well, you can Take Advantage of That Offer if you do it before the timer runs out (trust me the timer tracks to your computer and it is real.)
  3. As soon as you Decide To Sign Up with The Freedom Fighters Network you instantly Get Your Affiliate Account Set up. That’s It. No complications.
  4. They will even send out emails to your prospects for you if you want.
  5. But if you’re smart then you want to build your own list. When you sign up for the autoresponder it instantly is done. Messages loaded for you , in your name , with your links, that automatically follow up with your prospects for you. And all you did was Click The Button and Just Sign Up.
  6. Next there are simple directions (optional but good to do) including tie your Facebook to the acct.
  7. They Also have Push Button traffic. So if you don’t know anything about marketing or don’t have time or want to drive traffic then you can literally click a button and they will start marketing for you. Cool huh.

That’s it. Literally just 3 steps. 1) Sign Up For the Freedom Fighters Network 2) Sign up for the Autoresponder for a dollar 3) promote (as easy as pushing a button).

So back to the rest of this review. You probably are thinking “alright that all seems cool but SHOW ME THE MONEY!” So here goes. Signing up (if in the first 50 minutes) is FREE For 7 Days. After that it is $47 a month. For Every person you refer you get paid $30per month in commission. If you decide to build your own list the auto responder costs $1 the first month. After that it is $29.95 a month. But you also make 50% or $15 per month commission off of that too. So far that is $45 a month in commission for every referral. And you were able to GET STARTED in both for $1 or $48.

I had a lady that I talked to the other day. A very sweet lady but admitted she was a little computer tech know-how challenged. And for once I could actually say “Don’t Worry About It.” This is a grandma proof system!

She also said she just wanted to make an extra $1000 a month. So we did some math. It only takes about 22 people to get to $1000 a month. AND ALL SHE HAS TO DO IS SEND PEOPLE TO THE LINK WHICH WAS CREATED INSTANTLY when she signed up!

This thing is so easy that it really is Child’s Play. This goes back to the vision of Angela and Jordan to create a simple system that absolutely anyone can finally WIN with.  There is so much more but maybe this quick video will explain it for us better.

>>>Click This Link Here To See Their Video<<< .

Then Click the button underneath it and sign up.

Then just promote it how ever you want (including push button traffic).


Take Action Today and Join Us to Fight The Forces Of Evil in The Freedom Fighters Network.



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