Who is Ed From Ohio?

My name is Ed Przybylski or better known as Ed From Ohio.

Hello. Thanks for visiting this site.

7 years ago, I was A Truck Driver. I was working a normal slavery type job just like everyone else you meet. I delivered pop for Pepsi and yes, I was that guy at the grocery store delivering pop, stocking shelves, filling coolers and working 60+ working hours every week. Running stacks and stacks of pop into grocery stores 10-12 hours daily. Sweaty, overheated and exhausted at the end of every day.


I had no time for my family; I have 5 wonderful children and an incredible wife. I had No energy at the end of any days. I had to pay someone to cut my little lawn because I worked my tail off throughout the week. I was making what I thought was good money but I was staring down the barrel of life at the end of a Dead End career. After 15 years spinning my wheels, still broke, watching co-workers breaking down their bodies till they couldn’t even throw their kids up in the air in play I decided to look for a way out of that slavery and that dead end job.

Ed From Ohio The Slave

I am sure you have heard the myth that slavery is gone. THAT’S A BOLD-FACED LIE! Think about it, I was getting up before the sun rose, speeding off to work after barely rolling out of bed and running and sweating all day, and finally getting home just in time to see the kids go to bed, grab a bite to eat, crash in the bed and struggle to just barely get up in time and start over. I worked like that from the age of 20 until 15 years later I looked at the sad state of affairs to not have even an extra $1000 in your bank account. All that for what…. Just so Ed From Ohio could Keep a roof over our heads, and feed the family and if you get sick and miss a day’s work you’re screwed. Stop showing up for even a few short days and the “man” would replace you in a heartbeat. Then you could have the banks beating down your door to take it all away. SLAVERY IS VERY ALIVE AND WELL!

So what did Ed From Ohio do?

Well, I wanted more, I still had the dream. I went to college nights and finished my Masters in Business Administration. Although I didn’t finish that degree till my early 30’s. I got a job as a loan officer working for a mortgage broker and did that nights after delivering pop all day. But I could see that after working so hard to get the degree that even if I could get the “cushy” job that I really did not want to go work for another boss. Yeah I could make a little more money and I could change my blue uniform into a suit and tie. Instead of pushing pop I would be pushing a pencil and other littler slaves on the food chain. But all that was just a little status. I would still be a slave–just a little higher up on that slave ladder. The slave would get to move a teeny bit closer to the master’s house – but still out next to the outhouse. My bills would go up and my house would get bigger (and more expensive) the cars would get nicer (along with bigger car payments) and the life style would be a little better for my family. But it would still be ME Making “the Man” rich. Still me working from day to day only to depend on someone else that would allow me to keep a roof for my children and food in their mouths. I desperately needed a way out of these financial shackles.

Then about 7 years ago in early 2003 I knew I had to be my own boss. Employment would never cut it. So, I started looking for a franchise or my own business. But I couldn’t get the money to start a $250,000 subway or a $50,000+ pizza place. I had never heard of work at home opportunities, networking, network marketing, or mlm. Not even Amway or Herbalife. I thought working from home would be like becoming a babysitter or landscaper and that networking was talking to my friends and my friend’s friends to try and find a better job.

But I looked online and in magazines looking for a new opportunity. Then I was introduced to the work at home business arena and network marketing. I really saw the numbers game. I knew that if you get whatever you are marketing in front of enough people then you are bound to make sales and therefore some money. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat (i.e. do it over and over). But I was broke. Yep, I’ve been there too. I was determined though and had to beg and borrow to come up with $4000 to get in the game. Yes I used leverage and did it-on Borrowed funds!

Ed From Ohio Figures it All Out!

I also learned a simple system. The system was the key. All I had to do was get interested people to a presentation that would tell, sell, convince, and explain my product, service, or opportunity on my behalf to dozens of people at one time. By the way, that is one of the secrets to network marketing, mlm, home business programs, any type of sales, and making money from home. If you can market properly and find large numbers of people that are interested in what you have, then put them through a proven system, and help the motivated ones get out there and duplicate what you are doing.

By applying simple systems I was able to fire my boss in less than 3 weeks. I earned 5-figures in my first Month! Since then, I have achieved a great deal of success as well as some ups and downs. I have had weeks with no income and even 5-figure weeks, yep 10kweeks are possible. I also discovered the incredible power and need to have effective marketing systems in place and tons of pre-qualified being consistently funneled through your multiple income streams. See proper marketing will smooth out the dips and turn the hills into mountains of profits. I also discovered the truth in the saying “The more people you help the more money that you make” and the more you get what you want.

Since then, my trainings have been heard by thousands. I’ve consistently earned an exceptional income from the comfort of my home since 2003 and achieved much more than I could have as an employee working for a boss. Some of my personally made audios and training have literally been listened to hundreds of thousands of times.


So what do I do now? It is my goal to help as many people break free of the shackles of a job, an employer, and that slavery of employment. Sorry corporate America. I show as many people the right direction, the right tools, and the systems of success that I possibly can. Of course, each individual must take on self – responsibility and take the bull by the proverbial horns, grab onto life, take advantage of opportunity and be self-driven to make it happen for them and their families.

And now you know Ed from Ohio. The former Pepsi delivery driver, worked nights to get the MBA, fired my boss in less than a month after discovering the right marketing and systems, achieved exceptional home business success, and have helped thousands move toward the success they deserve. I am a father of 5 wonderful children and husband to an incredible woman. Oh and by the way, I now have the money to do what I want, When I want, and have the time to do it!

You are welcome to contact me. I would love to help you move in the direction that you deserve. I will not carry you up the mountain, but I am blazing the path. You are more than welcome to follow me and I will give you a Hand Up that trail.

Ed Przybylski a.k.a. Ed From Ohio Now Coaches others to do the same.

Ed From Ohio

Ed From Ohio


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