Daegan Smith Rocks

Daegan Smith Rocks.

He is also known as the king of never cold calling a lead. Why? Because Daegan Smith has MASSIVE marketing skills. He scientifically studies, learns, and disects every paid marketing technique on the internet and puts it to his own use. He has thousands upon thousands of people driven to his site regularly.

That is his secret to Never “cold” calling. He does get back to people who contact him. That, however, would be considered a hot lead. Not Cold Calling. If you can learn and duplicate what Daegan Smith does you will become wealthy. What is it they say? “Do What the Wealthy Do and You’ll Get What the Wealthy Get.”

Daegan Smith and Ed From Ohio

Daegan Smith and Ed From Ohio

Daegan Smith Teaches Others

He also teaches his techniques to others. If you ever get the chance to be on one of his webinars I would highly recommend you take advantage. He always over delivers value upon value. The techniques he uses has made him very wealthy and the help he gives others…well they make money too.

His cardinal product at this point is Maximum-Leverage. If you can learn and apply what he does you will definitely be able to drive traffic. However, one thing Daegan does not do for you is help you to brand you as the guru. His specialty, in my view, is driving massive amounts of traffic.

For complete success you must be able to drive traffic. But that is not the entire story. There are a couple things you must also do that Dagan himself does. They are things he has mastered but does not always teach.

Daegan Smith brands Daegan Smith!

One of these things that you might not get from Daegan is branding. See people follow Daegan Smith as one of the gurus of the world. They follow him religiously because his techniques work. They follow him because he adds value to everything he does. They follow because he gives so freely incredible volumes of information.

Branding takes work. You have to get enough information out there about yourself that people want to learn more. You have to give away enough value that people want to keep coming back for more. If you follow this method as well as Daegan has then you will create raving lunatic fans that will pretty much buy whatever you sell. Just like Daegan.

There are a couple ways to come up with enough value to give away and brand yourself. One is to interview and develop relationships with enough people and gurus and give that information away. Another way is to learn as much as you absolutely can. This a technique we refer to as “Learn, Do, Teach.” What you do is learn something of value that people would like to know. Then you go out and apply it. Lastly, you teach it to others. If you keep doing this process over and over before long you also will gain a following.

Another thing you need is a system. You need some sort of system that you funnel people into. All of the traffic you may learn to drive needs to go somewhere. You need to drive that traffic first to a capture page where your prospects information is gathered and stored. That traffic translates into leads. Of course you should follow up on those leads but you also need some automated follow up. So part of your system needs to have an auto-responder. This will greatly enhance your business.

Ideally the perfect system has all of these traits; education, traffic generation, value added propositions, capture pages, autoresponders, and self branding.

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