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Streamlynk Corporate Sites are Trashing Your Profits

Your Streamlynk Corporate Sites are worse than having a hole in your pocket. Wait, wait, wait. I am sure that every Streamlynk rep, in their heart, feels that their company is the greatest ever. You have no doubts that your pay plan, product, and profits are the absolute best.

But you know what? I have people every week call me to pitch me on their company and I do them the courtesy of taking a quick look. And you know what else? 90% of these people send me to a corporate site just like your Streamlynk site. The problem is that your typical website is costing you tons of money.

That may seem crazy that companies like Streamlynk spend thousands, tens of thousands, or maybe even 6-figures building that corporate site. It is perfectly designed to generate excitement, capture the eye, and SELL, Sell, Sell your opportunity. It probably even has a link for them to buy right there that is tied to your name so that you earn a commission.

On the surface that all seems like a great idea. But that is exactly how you will lose an incredible number of sales and profits with that expensive Streamlynk site. Here is what usually happens. Somehow, through your marketing, your potential prospect is referred to or finds your website. They take a look around. You site does its job. It captures their attention and sells them like a maniac on how great it all is.

Since most people don’t make buying decisions “instantly” they close out the window with a promise to come back later and research and buy your Streamlynk. However, when they come back a few hours or day later, 2/3 of them can’t remember your name or its spelling but they will remember the company name or products. So they google your product and your company and they end up finding someone else. Maybe even a competitor in an entirely different company. Goodbye profit. Goodbye to all your hardwork. And Goodbye to any chance you have at success.

You will not know who went to your site. You will not know if you are getting people to your site. You will not even know their contact information in order to follow up. Your customer will not know how to reach you again unless they kept your name and number in a safe place. Game over.

Streamlynk Rocks!

Don’t get me wrong, you should go ahead and promote Streamlynk. But you should also make more money from every single visitor. Let me show you how the top earners in many companies are secretly earning money hand over fist every single day. In fact their systems are so powerful that they make money whether they sign people into their main company or not.

Here is what top earners in Streamlynk could do that most reps are not doing with their website. First they DO NOT use their companies corporate site. They use what is called a capture page. While it works similarly to the Streamlynk site there are some major differences.

One similarity is that Streamlynk top earner sites still grab the attention of the potential prospect. The site is still clean and has a professional appearance. In fact they may even have some of the same graphics, same videos, testimonies, quotes, and explanations on their page (down to the exact word-for-word) as the corporate sites do.

Streamlynk Success

Here are the differences. They do not explain the entire opportunity in one sitting, they do not try to sell you on the first visit, and they do have an opt in box. that last fact is most important, a Streamlynk top earner site would not have as the main call to action to “buy” now. Instead, the main call to action is to get the prospect to “opt in”, which means to input their name and email, to get the rest of the information about this exciting opportunity. This triggers several important and simultaneous events:

  1. The prospect does not need to be sold on getting out there wallet but only on giving up their name, email, and maybe phone.
  2. A top earner is instantly notified that Joe Prospect has opted in so now Mr. Top Earner knows who has been to his site.
  3. Mr. Top Earner is provided with Joe Prospects contact information so that he can follow up. Statistics say that 80% of all sales are made after the 7th contact. Do not worry though, the right system does most of that follow up for you.
  4. When Jill Prospect “opts in” they are instantly placed in an auto responder. This auto responder follows up religiously 2,3,4,5, 10 or an unlimited number of times with emails automatically without Mrs. Top Earner lifting even 1 finger.
  5. This auto responder also INSTANTLY emails the prospect with a cordial little email saying thanks for visiting my Streamlynk site.
  6. That 1st instant email provides Jill Prospect with all of Mr. Top Earners contact information AND a link back to his Streamlynk website so that Jill Prospect NEVER has to go searching google while other broke networkers sit helpless with fingers crossed.

So that is the number one technique that a top earner would use to promote Streamlynk. Use a website that primarily gets prospects to submit their contact information and later on the massive money will follow.

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StreamLynk Marketing

StreamLynk Marketing