Conquer the Internet

Regardless of whether you have got an online, traditional, or even NO business you can create wealth if you Conquer the Internet. Believe it or not, you can make wealth on the web even if you don’t have an enterprise. Accept this or not, when you have a business and are not using the online market place competently to market that business you are leaving large amounts of cash on the table.

The online world is really a thriving jungle where millionaires are being created each and every day…if you discover what you need to make it through. Unfortunately, there are plenty of predators in your jungle. Guru after Guru whose ambition is to sell you this as well as that $1000   program just to furnish you with surface material of how they got rich. Only to find out that they became loaded by selling you this particular e book that they just sold you for $49.95. There are also numerous helpful advisors out there that are doing every thing they are able to to help as many individuals as they can (that’s known as attraction marketing). Preferably you’ll come across the information, expertise, techniques, and tools you need in order to survive before you get eaten.

If only there was a system in place, a blueprint, that could help you learn the ins and outs before you turn into dinner. Hmmm… Ever hear of MLSP?

Conquer the Internet With MLSP

You must learn the ins and outs of capture pages and autoresponders. Exactly how to use them to generate huge databases of rabid buyers for your products or services. There is an extremely accurate saying that “The Money Is In The List”. You can’t build a list at all if you are missing a few essential elements. So here are some basic necessities in order to Conquer the Internet and become King (or Queen) of this digital Jungle no matter what you are selling.

You Can’t Conquer the Internet Without Marketing

First, in the entire procedure is marketing and advertising. You must get 1000’s of targeted prospects looking at whatever you are presenting. So you need to be able to market with a few focused efforts or a wide-ranging set of efforts. The trouble is that even if you know what type of marketing and advertising you would like to do – you still have to learn the best way. In the event you follow the wrong path you come in danger of spending months of precious time on ineffective hunting methods or worse yet risk $1000’s (or more). For example there is blogging, Pay-per-click, banners, twitter, facebook, MySpace, Video Marketing and advertising (hotter than a volcano), article promotion (you’re here aren’t you), press releases, forum marketing, ezines, and the list continues on into infinity. So first the marketing. In jungle terms – you need some bait to attract.

Conquer the Internet

Conquer the Internet With Ed From Ohio

Conquer the Internet by Building a List

Second, you will want a squeeze page. A squeeze page has one of those little opt-in boxes where the site visitor would need to provide their e mail address so that they can progress any further. This is definitely how their email list starts to be built. The moment they “opt-in” they set directly into motion an entire series of events of automatic follow ups as well as contacts coming from that website owner. Jungle lingo – you will need a net catch em.

Conquer the Internet With Irresistable Offers!

Third, there should be an impressive offer. Something so tantalizing  potential prospect cannot help but opt in. This can be a free report, a free e-book, some free ongoing training or tips. Maybe it’s an email series promising to help them by offering them many of the survival resources and techniques so they can develop into online jungle king or queen. Regardless visitors must see you’re providing them something of value that is definitely well worth them getting on your list. In jungle terms-you need a hook – something that makes them take that bait.

Conquer the Internet With Autoresponders

Fourth, there must be an autoresponder. AN autoresponder automatically follows up and provides them the things they opted in for. After that it also proceeds to show them all the value and benefits of getting what ever it is that you’re promoting, on joining your opportunity, and probing further down the rabbit hole that leads to your main sale. This autresponder is like the lion roaring and declaring hey I’m still out here, I have what you need, come and get it.

These are just a few tips to help get YOU on the way to Conquer The Internet. Master them. Promote Your Own Products. Offer Your Opportunity. Promote your Self. Or Even Sell Someone else’s goods.

Either way, if you’d like additional time, income, or freedom…Learn To Conquer The Internet!

Ed Przybylski

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