Live The Dream Event 2

Live the Dream Event 2  


LIVE THE DREAM 2: Live The Dream 2010 was a life-changing experience for the hundreds that attended from all over the world.



“This was one of the most
powerful events I’ve ever been a part of… First class all the way and
the caliber of speakers was incredible. We highly recommend MLSP to
anyone wanting to implement attraction marketing into their businesses

Mike Dillard

Magnetic Sponsoring CEO


“This was by far the most
impactful online marketing event I’ve ever attended. Not only was the
production quality spectacular, but the training, the connections, and
the value from the speakers will really ‘Change the Game’ for you if
you apply it in your business.”

David Wood

MLSP Powerhouse


“There’s no more of a perfect
title than ‘Live the Dream’ for the event put on by the boys at MLSP.
That amount of education compressed into a couple of days is INSANE! An
off the charts, rocking event!”

Todd Falcone

Master Prospector


“The “Live the Dream” event
absolutely amazed me! I personally walked away with 3 separate ideas
that have each added $50,000 per year to my business, and I was a

Daegan Smith

Master Internet Marketer




Mike Dillard

The Godfather of attraction marketing himself, Mike Dillard, did something pretty unique for his “LTD” presentation. Mike allowed us to choose 5 seasoned MLSP members to come on-stage and grill him with any and all questions on network marketing. The questions weren’t pre-planned, and this wasn’t staged. Mike “off-the-cuff” told it like it is from his heart, and some of the answers were shocking!







Daegan Smith

The “King of Never Calling a Single Lead,” Mr. Daegan Smith is THE internet marketing sorcerer. Daegan’s known for his ability to generate up to 2,673 leads per day passively through one website, and has built teams of upwards of 15,715. At “LTD” Daegan went into great detail on his entire internet approach including his ads, his offers, his tracking, his metrics, EVERYTHING!







Jerry Clark

Jerry is the producer of over 100 of the most empowering audio programs available in the network marketing industry today. At “LTD” Jerry had the crowd in his pocket as he provided some of the best material we’ve ever seen when it comes to MINDSET and achieving your goals. Bar none Jerry Clark was one of the most powerful speakers at the “LTD” event.







MJ Durkin

MJ has successfully trained many fortune 1,000 companies, and has sold over 100,000 copies of his published books. At “LTD” MJ went straight to heart of what it takes to write a book, the exact blueprint he’s followed to successfully write and publish 5 well-known physical books for our industry, and how you can finally write and publish the book you’ve always dreamed of writing with his step-by-step action plan.







Todd Falcone

Todd is one of the most charismatic speakers you will find in the network marketing arena, and is a multi-million dollar earner making his way to the top in four leading network marketing companies. At “LTD” Todd went into great detail on how he spent his recruiting days only sponsoring professionals, the exact scripts he used, and he explained that by recruiting only leaders into his business he was able to create a 5-figure residual income in record time.







Cedrick Harris

Cedrick has been in the direct sales arena since he was 15 years old, and t say that he’s a “master prospector” would be an understatement. At “LTD” Cedrick went into great detail on how he’s dialed in his ability to recruit anyone, anywhere, anytime.







Tracey Walker

Tracey is the #1 female producer and recruiter inside of MLSP all-time, and she’s an extremely powerful leader. Tracey has created a phenomenal product titled “Be Blog Savvy,” and is now known as a blogging authority. At “LTD” Tracey went into great detail into her story, the trials and tribulations she faced, and how she basically plowed through any and all obstacles to achieve top earner status inside of MLSP and her primary opportunity.







David Wood

Back in 2009 David Wood came flying onto the MLSP scene with less than $200 to his name and no previous experience under his belt. Within 90 days he had his first week where he made more than $25K in less than 7 days, he can now generate 100+ leads per day on autopilot, and is the #1 producer inside of MLSP and his primary company.







Nicole Cooper

After just 5 months of being inside of MLSP, Nicole went on to become a top earner in her primary company earning over 5-figures per month and building an organization of over 10,000 people in less than 10 months. She is the epitome of “a social media marketing butterfly,” and is an expert when it comes to brand recognition.







Norbert Orlewicz

CEO and Co-Founder of MLSP, Norbert took the stage to talk about the long-term vision of MLSP. Norbert, a true visionary, sees MLSP eventually helping hundreds of thousands of network marketers across the globe, and with some of the ideas he expressed on stage, this is a very realistic and attainable goal over the next few years.







Brian Fanale

President and Co-Founder of MLSP, Brian took the stage to talk about the art of copyrighting. Having spent nearly $10,000 on physical copyrighting courses alone and going through intense month-long trainings, Brian has established himself as one of the leading copywriters in the game today. Brian writes all of the sales letters, capture pages, and autoresponders for MLSP members, and in his “LTD” presentation he will take you through a crash-course on the psychology of why people do what they do, how copywriting can and will be the most profitable skill you will EVER attain, and even gives away some of the psychological copywriting tricks he’s used (and continues to use) that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for MLSP.


We guarantee that MLSP is only going to keep getting bigger, better, stronger, attracting more and more leaders, and MLSP is truly becoming a REQUIREMENT for any network marketer these days if they want any chance at success. And you’re in the perfect position to capitalize on it over the next 10 years 😉 *** WE WANT TO PERSONALLY THANK ALL OF THE LEADERS AND TRAINERS WHO MADE THE DECISION TO ATTEND 'LIVE THE DREAM' IN LAS VEGAS WITH US JUST A FEW SHORT MONTHS AGO. YOUR PRESENCE MADE 'LIVE THE DREAM' AN EVENT THAT WE WILL NEVER FORGET... WHAT WE'VE ACCOMPLISHED UP TO THIS POINT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUR PERSISTENCE, YOUR LEADERSHIP, AND YOUR DETERMINATION, AND FOR THAT WE ARE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. *** Your MLSP Team, Brian, Norb and Todd MLSP Co-Founders are now bringing You Live The Dream event 2!

MLSP Co-Founders

P.S. – If you IMPLEMENT The information, knowledge, and content that the speakers share from the Live The Dream Event 2 stage, you will EXPLODE your abilities in a very short period of time.

P.P.S. – YOU WILL NOT SEE THIS DISCOUNT ONCE THEY BEGIN PROMOTING Live The Dream Event 2… SO ACT FAST! LIVE THE DREAM 2: Live The Dream 2010 was a life-changing experience for the hundreds that attended from all over the world.

Can’t wait For Live The Dream Event 2?



LIVE THE DREAM 2: Live The Dream 2010 was a life-changing experience for the hundreds that attended from all over the world.


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