Despite the World Wide Web, Don’t Forget About Offline Marketing Strategies

Offline Marketing Strategies LIVE!


One quick way that Offline Marketing is working today; have you ever heard the phrase  “Or go to our website at www…” when listening to a radio or television commercial? Sure you have. It is next to impossible not to hear those words a hundred times a day as we continuously get bombarded by advertisement after advertisement these days recommending that you visit their website. Offline Marketing is alive and well despite all of the claims to the contrary, but it is taking on a new role. That new role is to get you to their website just as much as into the showroom.

In a recent study, nearly 40% of online searchers make a purchase after being influenced by an Offline Marketing channel. 40%! Does that number surprise you? Many do not find it that surprising as once someone raises their eyes away from their computer or mobile app cell phone they are met with a litany of advertisers doing it the old fashioned way. The study asked users what prompted them to search online for a particular company, product, service or slogan. The results were:

Television advertisement: 44%

Word of Mouth: 41%

Magazine/Newspaper Advertisement: 35%

Radio: 23%

Billboard: 13%

Offline Marketing Diet

Clearly the results displayed above indicate that in many cases developing a diet of online marketing alone is not part of a complete diet. Just like the human need to have a balanced diet, advertisers need to have a balanced approach to promoting the business through a variety of channels and not just through the internet. The facts are the facts, if you are marketing exclusively on the internet, then you are not reaching all of your potential customers.

In Between Offline Marketing

One of the most staggering results of Offline Marketing shown above is the outcome for word of mouth advertising, a virtually free method of promoting your MLM or home business. This is a major reason why so many people today are extolling the virtues of social networking such as Twitter and texting messages to help facilitate information exchange and to enlighten others to different possibilities. Getting others to tell their friends via Twitter or text that they just picked up a great new pair of shoes at the XYZ Boutique does more to drive traffic in your direction that most give it credit for. This is also why “proper” voice broadcasting , tele-conference calls, and video sales letters are still so powerful.

And let’s not forget what is happening with our laptops and mobile devises today. Many are being equipped with the resources to tap into radio and television while on the go, and people are using these features in droves. It’s not all work on these devises, there is plenty of play going on as well. When tapping into these offline resources (while technically being online to access the programs) they again become one of the 44% that are influenced by television, or the 23% that are influenced by radio.



Offline marketing isn’t going to go away just because the internet has come to town. People are going to need to take a well-rounded approach to their marketing campaigns and being narrow-minded and centered on only the internet for promotion will not be in your best interest going forward. Call Ed Przybylski from Ohio if you need help with your online or Offline Marketing strategies.