Eight Secrets of Article Marketing Success

So you’re doing the smart thing and going for Internet marketing and seeking article marketing success which is probably the most cost-efficient method. There are plenty of places to publish articles online for free, and a few of them will even pay you some revenue share royalties for publishing with them. You can publish SEO articles to your own website and use an online click-ad service to generate income for yourself. The only way article marketing costs you anything is if you use a ghost writing service, and even then you can get the service done for very inexpensive rates. Once your articles are driving traffic to your ads and landing pages, those ghost writing fees seem like nothing.

Article Marketing Success a Waste?


But article marketing will be just a monumental waste of your time (and possibly money) if you don’t understand how to do it successfully. There are some tricks to this trade. Let’s look at what you need to do for article marketing success.

1) Give quality information and content. Keep in mind that the true reason anyone is reading your article is to glean some useful and interesting content and information. They will only like you and trust you enough to click your links if you provide them with quality. This is the most important part of article marketing success.

2) Tell the reader how he’s going to benefit from reading your article in the title. You’re not writing novels or short fiction here. Your title must be strategic, not the most creative. Why should I spend my time reading what you wrote? Tell me upfront.

3) Keep it simple. Once again, this isn’t highly creative writing, although you do want a good flow and some emotion to keep interest. Tell me in the simplest possible language (without sounding inane or childish) what I want or need to know. Simplicity is key to article marketing success.

4) Know SEO. Search engine optimization. There are free resources for doing keyword searches and analysis online, as well as articles and blog posts about how to do SEO. Use these and also use Google Trends to help you figure out what to write about and what keywords to use in your articles.

5) Publish strategically. Use article directories and content sites that are high in search engine rankings. Also have your own website where all of your articles are also published.

6) Use Internet social networking. Link out to your article on Digg, Facebook, Yahoo Buzz, etc.

7) Place your articles in RSS feeds. Do a search for these on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for wide distribution quickly got.

8) Link your articles through cross-referencing. Let someone who has just discovered you or one of your articles easily find your other writings via linking out to your other related articles. Repetition is the key to getting most respondents.

Free Article Marketing Success Techniques

Here a couple free techniques to assist your article marketing success. First, you need to know if the keywords you are targeting are even being searched. For instance, if you target a keyword that is never searched that means your article is irrelevant to what people want. You can go to Google and search google keyword tool. It will be right near the top in their search engine. You can click on the link and it will take you to their free keyword tool. Simply type in your keyword there and it will tell you how many monthly searches are done on that word or phrase.

Next simply google your keyword or term “with quotation marks around it” and it well tell you how many sites are mentioning that term. Depending on your SEO ability and how many back links you have referring to your article and how relevant your article is to the term will help determine where you will appear in the search engines. Much of your article marketing success will depend on where you appear in the search engines.

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Ed from Ohio And The king of Article Marketing Success!
Ed from Ohio And The king of Article Marketing Success!

Follow these above steps for article marketing success. You can also get more information here on why article marketing is so powerful. Oh…and don’t forget to make your spelling and grammar perfect for article marketing success!

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