Live The Dream Event With Mike Dillard

Live The Dream Event With Mike Dillard


How would you like to Live The Dream With Mike Dillard? Think about what he accomplished in no time.  Mike Dillard struggled for years. After many years of failure, self- educating, and hard work he cracked the code. He went from broke nothing  jobs to 8 figures.

Mike Dillard created one of the most popular attraction marketing education systems on the planet. His simple ebook, “Magnetic Sponsoring”, explained the irresistible recruiting method of selling, educating, and leading with value. His trainings have changed the lives of thousands of network and mlm marketers including the hosts of the “Live The Dream Event.”

One of Mike Dillard’s original private events had in attendance Norbert Orlewicz and Brian Fanale. They followed the plan, ideas, and methods put out by Mike Dillard and went on to create the biggest and most popular attraction marketing system ever called MLSP or MyLeadSystemPro. After just a couple years of helping network marketers grow their businesses and paying out literally millions of dollars in affiliate commissions they had their first live event called the “Live The Dream Event.”

Live The Dream Event With Mike Dillard Insight

Now, just a year later, they are hosting Live The Dream 2. Now if you missed Mike Dillard at the first Live The Dream Event, there were some golden nuggets that he put out there that could bring you success.

  1. He said you should focus on copywriting. He emphasized that learning the words that sell is one of the most important skills you could ever learn.
  2. Mike Dillard also emphasized the massive importance of learning 1 or 2 effective marketing methods and of massive targeted lead generation.
  3. He also revealed in one of the break outs at Live The Dream Event 1 how he had learned PPC marketing. He took that one skill and did a co-op with many people putting in funds whil he generated the leads which helped him hit the big leagues and big numbers for marketing.

I learned at this event many things that you can’t get from a website. At the Live The Dream Event I was able to meet and nurture relationships with some great marketers. I even had the pleasure of meeting Mike Dillard at the event.

Live The Dream Event With Mike Dillard

Live The Dream Event With Mike Dillard


It was pretty cool the format at the Live The Dream Event With Mike Dillard. He didn’t just get up on stage and teach or sell. They took a group of successful marketers and Mike Dillard and set them up there on the stage. Then the audience got to hear the marketers grill him with whatever questions they wanted to know from one of the most successful marketers in history.

One of the questions brought an immense piece of information from Mike Dillard to the Live The Dream audience. He stated that he always knew he would have a major impact on the network marketing and home business community. The only way to have a real impact on people, other than just taking their money, was to actually provide them with something of value.

I found that to be pretty significant. Think about that when you are marketing your business. Are you just going for the next buck or are you actually looking for a way to help people and change their lifestyle. If you are looking for a way to help people and actually provide them a path to a better lifestyle then you will make more money.

Get To The Next Live The Dream Event With Mike Dillard

Do not miss quality live events. You need to build relationships with these top earners. Get to know them and learn the attitudes, skills, and habits that make them the top earners.  I look forward to seeing you at Live The dream Event 2.