XPPS Pay Plan for the Xtreme Postcard Profit System

XPPS Pay Plan

So you are looking at XPPS the Xtreme Postcard Profit System. But before you go too far you would like to see how you get paid. Well it really does have a cool pay plan, but before I cover that, many people wonder if it really does work.

Well, yes and no. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great program and the pay plan is great. But the single flaw is that most sponsors will not teach or are not able to teach alternative marketing techniques. See, while post cards are effective, they are not the cheapest form of advertising.

What one needs to do is add some free and cheap forms of marketing to offset the higher cost of post card marketing. That will increase your profits, lower your costs, and increase team duplication. That is where the big bucks come from with the XPPS Pay Plan in this company. Helping your team earn more.

Now the XPPS Pay Plan. How does it work? Here goes: everyone buys in at $249. $49 goes to the company. No monthly fees or hosting. All your capture pages are pre-designed and ready to go in minutes. Preset autoresponders. Nothing to write nothing to create. Just start marketing.

Since $49 goes to the company that leave $200. When you sign up $100 goes to your sponsor and another $100 goes to his or her sponsor. All of the money goes to reps. You might think “why should I do a program where I only get half the payout. Well that is power of this program.

In the XPPS Pay Plan…

You are already fully qualified to get paid the maximum amount on each sale. Every single person your marketing finds, presents to, and sells earns you $100 profit. So if you bring in 10 people that’s $1000 in your pocket. Not bad. Even better if you get some alternative low cost marketing sprinkled throughout your plan.

Here is where the power comes in. Let’s say those 10 people you just signed up start marketing like you. Let’s say they each make a sale each week. Well they make $100 each. And you make $100 from each of their sales. That’s 10 on your front line making 1 sale a week equals 10 matches for you or $1000 in your pocket based solely on the efforts of others in theXPPS Pay Plan.

Can you imagine building a team of 20 or 30 people making a sale each week. You getting $100 match on 20 or 30 sales every week. You do the math. I’ll do the English. That spells F.I.N.A.N.C.I.A.L. F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

That Spells the XPPS Pay Plan

Smart people reinvest all of their profits until they have a powerful and unending cash flow arriving in their pockets daily. Smart people jump on opportunity as soon as they realize the power of an opportunity and the XPPS Pay Plan.

Make sure, though, that you support your team. That is where your big profits come in. You could lose money getting every single new front line member and still make tons of money with this program. Even if you totally sucked at bringing in reps and it cost you $500 in marketing to bring in 2 people.

If those 2 people bring in just 2 each then you are in profit. If they continue to bring in 1 per week then you have done what the wealthy do. You have learned the art of leveraging the efforts of others. You could be on the road to wealth. Good Luck!

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XPPS Pay Plan

XPPS Pay Plan