Empower Network

Empower Network

Empower is a blogging platform.  Users can instantly have a blog set up for them. But not Just any blog.

The (EN) Empower Network blog used to pay 100% commissions but has since dropped down to 70%. That is still a hefty and huge commission especially when compared to other mlms!

The Products for Empower Network include their flagship product which is a blogging platform. Reps can also sell that product and earn a 70% commission.

The products and the pricing include:

The Blog for $25 monthly

The Inner Circle for $100 Monthly

Costa Rica Mastermind for $500 One Time

The 15k Formula for $1000 one time

The Masters Course for $3500 one time.

The products are great and I also own them all.

A customer or rep can buy each of these products one by one for a total of $5125 or all at once in the form of what is called a “bundle”for a discounted rate of $3995 for the first 7 days of any purchase.

Any rep who purchases those products can also sell them and earn a 70% commission. Now, I am in the top 50 all time earners in their company and as of the time I am writing this their are over 300,000 people who have purchased their products. I will tell you though, the failure rate in online businesses are over 90%. You will never succeed if you blindly walk in and try to figure this all out on your own. That being said, there is a good chance you will fail and never make a dime (see income disclosure)….

… That is unless you Get the Right Plan, Mentorship, and System to help your marketing efforts. That is why my team has our own high converting capture pages, our own instructional videos and complete website to help you succeed. Heck, I even have coaches on staff waiting to help give you guidance on what the most profitable way is to earn an income.

And to be honest the huge majority of any one making money in this company use my system. BUT, I have to say I do not give away my time to just Answer Your Questions. At least not until you have shown you are serious and at least gone through some of the FREE INFORMATION. So get the majority of your questions answered when you click on the blue “Have Questions” button below. In fact, You can even TRY OUT OUR MILLION DOLLAR SYSTEM before you even buy…

Click the Blue Button and Let My Partner Adam Answer Your Questions


Once you Go Through The Free Information you will get my personal contact information and I will help you succeed.

Talk to you soon

Ed Przybylski from Ohio