MLM Recruiting, Who and Why

Profitable MLM recruiting


MLM recruiting is the way to make money in a home-based network marketing business. The keys to success in an MLM business don’t involve selling retail. Yes, you do need and want to be selling a great product. But that’s not really where the money is. That’s just the impetus for doing business. Yes, we are supposed to go into business to solve someone else’s problem or fulfill someone else’s desire. But we are also in business to make money, and it’s the nature of multi-level marketing that it makes you the big money only when you focus on MLM recruiting. You can only make the big money in MLM with replication of your efforts and getting a piece of others’ efforts.

Learn MLM Recruiting From a Professional

Learn MLM Recruiting From a Professional

So, who should you recruit, and how should you go about doing your MLM recruiting?

You want to recruit people into your down-lines who are going to be producers. You don’t just want another warm body to have to hold the hand of. You may know this already. But perhaps you don’t realize just how to approach finding these people. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely had much failure and disappointment with MLM recruiting. So, let’s focus on whom you should be targeting with your recruitment efforts, and how you should be trying to get them into your MLM business.

Traditional MLM recruiting

First, forget about walking around the shopping malls looking for people to bother. You may think you’re clever to do this if you’ve got brochures and business cards to hand out to get people to call you or e-mail you. You’re not, not even with your collateral marketing materials. Forget the shopping malls, forget wandering around, and for god’s sakes forget about “the three foot rule”. These methods may, by dumb luck, get you a couple of good recruits here and there, but on a consistent basis all that they’re going to get you are frustration and failure. This is because you’re bothering people and being a pest.

Even when you are “just handing out brochures” or something like that, you are wasting trees. You’re not being unobtrusive–you’re just being ineffectual with your efforts. You can’t afford to waste time. Getting people chasing you is much more effective in mlm recruiting.

Everyone that you come across is not looking for a business, even if they are your friends and family. If they are content with a job and slaving away for an employer then why in the world would you try to change their mind. Take the convincing out of your mlm recruiting by going after people that are already sold on making more money. Find people who already want more out of life than a simple job.

MLM recruiting The Right People

The most effective way is to try MLM recruiting on people who have some measure of pre-existing interest in your business. People who, even if they have never heard of your product or business before, already have some kind of interest in getting involved in the kind of thing you do. How should you find these people? Through networking and attraction marketing.

Networking can be done online or offline these days. It simply involves you becoming part of certain groups where you might share common non-business interests. You might get involved with groups of people on Linked In and groups of that nature where you might be sharing professional interests. But they are exceptional. By getting involved earnestly with these groups, you build rapport. One thing leads to another, you get asked about what you do, and you gently lead them down the road to your business.

With attraction marketing, you simply provide value and information that your target market is looking for. Then you spread the word with things like a constantly updated Face Book page, article marketing, and even AdSense paid advertisements to have people come to you. In the end, that’s what MLM recruiting is all about–people coming to you. Then they’re open to becoming part of your business–and helping you make the money you dream of.

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