800TeleCenter Toll Free Number

Why Use An 800TeleCenter Toll Free Number

There are many reasons I use 800TeleCenter.com. Convenience, Price, Unlimited Lines, Unblockable Caller ID, Unlimited Extensions, Top Notch Service and the list goes on.

I have discovered several things after working in the business arena for several years. For instance, I use an 800TeleCenter Toll Free Number because an 800 Toll Free Number gives people an impression of a bigger more stable company. It makes you and your business appear more professional.

800TeleCenter Toll Free Number Voice Mails

I like using 800TeleCenter.com because you can get unlimited voice mails simultaneously. In other words, if I do a voice broadcast using my voice broadcasting system and I get 200 people at once connecting to my 800TeleCenter Toll Free Number ALL of them can leave a voice mail at the exact same time. That means that none of my customers or prospects EVER get a busy signal.

800TeleCenter Toll Free Number

I am an entrepreneur for several reasons, including the desire for more freedom. So when I run a large advertising campaign and have dozens of people calling me in a day or even in minutes I want to decide when I call them back. I do not want to have to spend my family time or recreation time with my phone up against my ear. An 800TeleCenter Toll Free Number voice mail allows me to return those phone calls at my discretion and puts me back in control of my time freedom.

The system I use also has an unblockable caller ID. This means that if a prospect calls and hangs up or goes through my process I know exactly how long they listened to my messages.  I can add them to a voice broadcast or call them back. If they are listed in the white pages I even capture their name and address along with their telephone number.

800TeleCenter Toll Free Number is FREE?

Another advantage to the 800TeleCenter Toll Free Number is that the cost is very competitive. The investment is $34.95 per month and one time $15 set up fee. However, if you refer just 3 people to the system who pay their bill that month then yours is free. That’s right, unlimited incoming voice mails for free.

If you are considering an 800 Toll Free Number there are many other reasons you should consider 800TeleCenter.com. Like I said, I have tried several different companies and services and none compare to an 800TeleCenter Toll  Free Number.