Why You Should Automate Social Media to Earn More Money

Automate Social Media


Social network marketing is one of the best ways to promote a business. Many people use social media just for business purposes. Why? Simply because there is more than enough evidence that it really pays to do so. In the event you don’t yet understand sites like Facebook and Twitter, there is an awful lot of information to be found online merely by typing “Social Networking” into your browser and spending some time reading tutorials about it. If utilized properly you can also Automate Social Media.

While Social Media can enhance your business, your productivity can decrease if you combine your social network marketing with other marketing work. Remember, a specific time should be reserved for working on it each day.  If long term results are important, and if you do not Automate Social Media, you will need to put in a lot of time into social media marketing.

The secret to properly utilizing this style of work is to be consistent.  Manage your time both effectively and consistently. Once you have set up all of your social networking accounts, you should learn how to automate social media in order to free up more time, while making money.

Automate Social Media With Tools

There are numerous social media management tools available that can assist you to automate social media marketing.  Two great examples of these tools are Tweekdeck and Hootsuite.  These help with handling, coordinating, and organizing material across multiple social networks.

Do not forget to schedule some time for creative activities.  By doing this, you can kill two birds with one stone: Relax and brainstorm new ideas.  Some of our greatest ideas come when our minds are active and ready to receive new thoughts.  What better way to open your mind to possibilities than engaging in creative hobbies or activities, visiting museums, or taking up Yoga?  Being able to regularly accumulate creative ideas is helpful to social networking, because social media is also constantly changing.  Allowing your mind to relax and be stimulated regularly will boost productivity.

Do not automate the entire campaign, notably Twitter, because this can cause you to lose your client base.  This is because social media is all about consistent engagement and connections with people.  There are a few safe ways to automate social media: Link your blog to Facebook and link your blog to LinkedIn. You can also link them to your auto-responder so that when you post broadcast messages they will automatically load to your twitter and facebook. If article marketing is your thing then you can even link your ezinearticles.com to your blog.

In order to link your blog to Facebook, select NetworkedBlogs application on Facebook and fill in appropriate blog details.  Next, you will have to go through the verification process to ensure it is your blog.

In order to link your blog to LinkedIn, click on Applications on LinkedIn and click on WordPress if you use a WordPress engine.  Click on Blog Link instead if you use TypePad.

Another site that helps you Automate Social Media easier is Ping.fm.  Ping.fm is a free service that supports Facebook, NING, Tumblr, FriendFeed, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yammer, and other social networking sites.


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Always Automate Social Media

In the event you don’t automate, you may find yourself spending an awful amount of time maintaining your social media marketing campaigns. In business and in life, if you want more time for the important things then always remember to automate the small things whenever possible. Many people Automate Social Media for business purposes because it really pays to, and you should too.