List building is the key to online business

List building

The Money Is In The List!

I should not need to convince you that you need to build a list. I am here to show you this necessary tool that is paramount to your success!  If you build a list of opt-in email address that you can market to, a big enough list, then you can create cash on demand. The dream lifestyle can be achieved by sending out an email and raking in thousands of dollars on demand.

List Building Is VITAL To Your Business

Your list is the life-blood of your business. Without it you will spend more time generating traffic than you will making money. Think of it this way – do you want to work extremely hard to get somebody to see and possibly buy your product, and then do that over and over again?

Or would you rather work extremely hard to get somebody on your list, and then Automatically follow up repeatedly to sell them that product, and even sell them multiple products? The obvious answer is the second one.

Traffic Generation SUCKS! If it is for a one hit wonder sale because then you must repeat the process over and over. It is much better to market products than generate traffic. Hmmm… marketing and generating traffic is NOT the same thing as List building?

Traffic Generation does NOT equal Marketing!

While traffic generation is a vital component of marketing, it is not all there is to do. And yet it is such a huge question amongst marketers. If you can focus primarily on what you are going to do with your traffic, and then second on how to get that traffic, you will increase your profits a hundredfold.

In other words, “What you do with your website traffic is FAR more important than how much traffic you get.” Memorize that. Let it become your mission statement. We can and will teach you how to generate lots of traffic to your websites but that should not be your only focus. Instead you need to learn how to work with the people who do visit your website. But You cannot do this if you are not List building.

Your first goal with any visitor MUST be to get them on your email list. Whether you are running affiliate sites, Ad-sense sites, product sites, service sites, or any other type of site, your first goal should be to get visitors to subscribe to your email list.

Are You List Building?

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through squeeze pages. You Need a “Squeeze” or “Capture” page. A squeeze page is a short page that attempts to get the visitor to enter their name and email address in return for something valuable in the same category as what you are selling. It is an awesome way to build your list quickly. The task is to start building a list of prospects who will become potential customers. This is list building.

Everything starts with traffic, which leads to capture page, which leads to an auto-responder, which sells YOU, sells YOUR stuff, and sells more of YOUR stuff. Your capture page should have a headline, bullet point benefits, and an opt-in box. That is it. There are no other places to go and no outside links. You must either opt in or leave.

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