Garth Brooks Sees Breast Cancer Sign and Gets Off Stage

I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life. One person I have never had a chance to see but always wanted to was Garth Brooks.

On the other hand, we have dealt with illness in our family, Chemo-therapy, radiation, surgeries etc. We know how rough and tough it can be on a family and how it is to feel beat up at the end and in the middle of all that.

So I Have to say when I saw this video it brought me some tears when I heard about Theresa Shaw. She is battling stage 3 breast cancer and actually attended a Garth Brooks concert the same evening of the day she had chemotherapy.


During the concert, Mr. Brooks noticed a sign she was holding. He stepped down and sat on the edge of the stage to meet Theresa. He finished his song, singing directly to her and even gave her his guitar.

Maybe I’m older now and more sentimental but you should watch this video. This guy has a lot of class and a big heart. It makes me want to see him even more in the future. How about you?

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Where I’ve Been and What I Am Doing To Get Paid Daily.

Are You Satisfied??

Read Till The End and See How To Satisfy Your Health and Wealth Needs.

Ok. So, Not sure if you all know what I have been up to. To be honest, after getting into the top 20 of a company of over 100,000 people I didn’t really like what was going on behind the scenes and I kind of backed off. Took a little sabbatical actually not working really anything since about February 2014.

A Few Hundred Thousand dollars later I slipped down to around the top 50ish (even still without having worked for 2 years) in a company of 200k.


familyIn the meantime I have been enjoying my boys in basketball and school, my gorgeous wife, and having a beautiful little grand daughter from my oldest daughter which have occupied a lot of my time.

I have to admit I struggled trying to figure out what company I was going to start marketing. I was just about to jump back in and start killing it in a former company I had worked with for about 12 years. But something changed it all when I got a private message from my friend Mack.

His message said “Hey Ed, I don’t know if you’re still in the business but if you are you really need to look at something.” So, out of respect for Mack I said I would look but I knew I was just going to blow him off and get back moving in something where I knew I could make a bunch of money.

But then I saw it!

  • This company had an incredible product – that was kind of kool,
  • The product – everyone of you use it every single day – great people need it,
  • The payplan was OMG out of this world – ok now I have to consider this and look a lot closer.

So me and my wife sat down and watched a couple videos about the product that touched on the payplan. Now keep in mind, She’s a lot healthier than me but she also is a pharmacist by trade and was raised in a medical background, so when it comes to anything medical or having to do with the body, I defer to her. We were able to get through like 2 product videos that were a small part of a very informative page and she looked at me and said “So we’re just gonna do this right!” She didn’t need to see 7 more videos, the product was something she wanted for our family and the payplan was super solid.

Leveluk-sd-501-ionizerSo we decided to order the product. After getting my medical grade equipment on Feb 19th – and being more exposed to all of the health benefits – I am so sold on the product now I would have paid twice as much in a heart beat.

Our powerful marketing System (which you can get the system FREE right now) is in a soft prelaunch – meaning we are not just blasting it to the world. You can only Get Involved With Me when you Ask For A Private Invitation. If You Want to Get 9 Checks In 5 Days like I have below (before I have even started promoting). Then you need to SEND ME AN EMAIL AT FOR A PRIVATE OVERVIEW!

Here are some of the benefits when you Join Me Now:

  • You Get Paid To HELP YOUR Team
  • You Get Massive Over Rides even when you give your sign ups to others on your team
  • That means that I can actually put people under you that you Earn a Big Commission from and I still GET PAID the same either way
  • You GET THE HELP OF A TOP EARNER – my last company I personally sponsored around 500 people in about 2 years – not including what my team did.
  • Do You Want to GET IN At The Top of My Group and Reap Rewards from theteam or would you rather come in later at the bottom.
  • Help Others Live A Healthier Lifestyle and Avoid Many Pains that unnecessarily diminish your enjoyment of life
  • You can Let Me Help You Stop Living Pay Check To Paycheck
  • You and I can Help Others Stop Living Pay Check to Pay Check.
  • You can Finally Earn A Commission (especially with my help)

You Get Paid Daily (I got my first 9 checks in 5 days) except Sunday


If You Want those Benefits…


OH. By the way here are some company details:

  • The Company has been in business for 40 years and is World Wide
  • A member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association)
  • REAL Products that people actually buy because they want to use them (not some “token” product that’s in place, just to make it legal to earn commissions)
  • Patented compensation plan w/High Ticket Commissions

REAL, Long term “walk away” income.
ALSO you will Join An Amazing Leadership Team.

Our team has an incredible number of names you probably know, and lots, lots more you’ll get to know real soon. Lots of talent, skill sets and experience, and we’re all collaborating together to make this the absolute best opportunity for our team as possible.

If you feel that you’re ready to step into your own power and are willing to make a commitment to yourself and your own financial future, we will make that same commitment back to you, to develop you into the leader that you are meant to be.


Do It Now!

I will send you information so you can Review It Right Away and we can Start To Make A Healthy Income Today


p.s. Join Today and I can Start Putting People In under you too….

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Get High Quality FREE Leads By Giving Away FREE Stuff!


freestuffequalsfreeleadsSo there are different ways to generate leads. One of course it to be the pitch man always selling. Buy My Stuff, Buy My Stuff!  Another way to get FREE High quality leads though is to provide some value, in other words give away something that your prospect wants.

For Example: Let’s say you were selling a weight loss product. You could have a capture page set up where they enter their contact info and in return they get a sales pitch on your latest weight loss wonder drug.


You could offer a FREE REPORT with some simple weight loss tips. Like “FREE REPORT Reveals 5 Simple Methods to Shed an Extra 5 Pounds With No Effort.” Then when they click to get the Free Report your page asks them to enter their email so we can send you the report. “VOILA!!” You just got a highly targeted weight loss lead from someone who is obviously interested in shedding some pounds.

Now this strategy can be applied to any market or niche. In fact, right now I would like to show you how I have applied it to the home business niche and how you can STEAL My Give Away and My FREE REPORT to generate your own highly targeted business opportunity leads starting today.

Just 2 days ago I released my FREE REPORT top-5-tools-from-ed-przybylski-edfromohio“TOP 5 TOOLS For Generating Unlimited Leads On Demand!”

Now keep in mind I have done absolutely NO Paid marketing to get these Highly Targeted Leads.But the results have been pretty cool.

All I have done so far, since just 2 days ago, is send out a small email and make a post on Facebook.

Let me show you the results:

14FreeFReportLeadsAfter 1 day having released this FREE REPORT I received about 14 Leads.

Here is just a little proof off to the right of the first 24 hours.



Then over the first 48 hours of simply giving away this FREE REPORT my FREE LEADS were up to about 25. Pretty cool.

But just because they are giving me their email address does not mean they are High Quality.

Let me show you exactly why these are high quality leads.


First off, they decided to GET MY FREE Report on My TOP 5 TOOLS for generating unlimited leads. Let’s analyze these prospects a little bit. These prospects obviously:

  1. are interested in tools to build a home business-so they are entrepreneurs
  2. are most likely already in a business of some sort which is why they want the report in the first place
  3. if they are in a business of some sort then they are what we call a BUYER lead, meaning they are someone who doesn’t just kick tires but they actually spend money
  4. They are actively building and taking action and learning.

Think about those qualities in your team. Isn’t that EXACTLY what you are looking for? Entrepreneurs who are action taking buyers actively learning and participating in a business.

So every time you give away this FREE REPORT you are gaining one of these individuals on your list. And if your list has any automation then it should be following up regularly with more value and showing the benefits of what your tools, team, and company can do for them. That is how you start monetizing your new powerful list.

Imagine if you could give away 10 of these a day. That would be 3650 high quality value prospects on your list for free within a year. You know what they say. Every Person on your list is worth about $1 a month. How would you like to have an extra $3600 a month coming in to your bank account from FREE leads every month?

So how can you copy my success and the success of hundreds of people giving away FREE REPORTS. I mean obviously creating your own FREE Report is not the easiest thing to do. The cool thing about this FREE REPORT is that you GET YOUR OWN COPY and give it away as well. But when you do, those High Quality Value leads get added to YOUR system.

Try It Out Free For A Limited Time Now! << Click Here To Get The Report

Once you have your report (or open it if you already downloaded it) Then Click On The Link IN THE REPORT to Try Out Your Own System FREE

Then Get Your Free Report Link and Give It Away To Others!!

top-5-tools-from-ed-przybylski-edfromohioIf you want a copy of my Free Report or want to give it away FREE to generate your own High Quality Leads then go ahead and Click the image and get your copy today…


Try It Out Free For A Limited Time Now! << Click Here To Get The Report

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Empower Network Joins Forces With iPas2


Empower Network Joins Forces With iPas2?

Yes But in a NEW and IMPROVED WAY!


Income Disclaimer




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iPas2 Supercharged THINGS YOU MUST KNOW Before Joining!

iPas2 Supercharged

If you are considering iPas2 or iPas2 Supercharged then you are very smart. BUT if you haven’t joined yet then you’re lucky you found this article first. Why you might ask? Because you should know all the details before you join. Some questions you need answered: What is iPas2? Can you really make money with iPas2? What is iPas2 Supercharged? Should I try it out as well?  What are the benefits and risks? How Much is it? What Do I Get? Well my intention is to give you everything that you need to know BEFORE you join so that you can get a head start on the competition.

moneyPILEI will get into all the answers to all those questions and let you know what You Need To Find Out About iPas2 before you join. But first, why should you even listen to me? Not trying to brag, but of the products iPas2 represents and sells, I am one of the most successful reps in the entire company. At the time I am publishing this article I am in the top 50 reps out of over 300,000 people who have bought their products. Not only that but I am an old fashioned Hi-Tech guy who believes in helping as many people as I can to get what they want out of their home based business. I have earned multiple six figures selling their products so I will warn you that I am biased. AND if you do Decide To Work With Me I will make a little money off the deal. And while I cannot make any guarantees whatsoever because everyone’s results must necessarily be different, if you can follow my directions and and my simple system you will most likely make some money. Life Changing Money Is Great.

ipas2So let’s get to it… What in the heck is iPas2? iPas2 is a powerful system built much like a franchise except all online. Think like McDonalds. McDonalds has everything in place so that any franchisee can step in and follow the exact step by step process and set up. Before you know it you are part of their billions of burgers selling selling machine. The McDonalds set up is so duplicable that any one can do it. That is why you can go in any of their restaurants and find teenagers running the place. The difference with iPas2 is that it doesn’t cost millions of dollars to buy property and location and build it up into their cookie cutter burger machine. With iPas2 everything is set up online but you still get your own step by step cookie cutter system that anyone can follow. So in a nutshell, It is a money making system designed to make it possible for even the most new and inexperienced to Get In, Set Up, and Start Making Money! And YES you can Make Money With This System. In fact for every person that you help Use This System and they are investing less than $50 into their system you earn a $20 monthly commission.

ipas2SuperchargedThat system that has paid out 100’s of 1000’s of dollars can be tried out for less than $50. Ha! That’s a lot cheaper than your traditional multimillion dollar franchise. But it can profit you just as much. So then what is iPas Supercharged? It is simply an even more robust iPas2. More training. More Marketing. More Traffic. More Exclusive Access. And even better, More Money. The SUPERCHARGED version is Just under $100 a month if You Want To Try It Out Too. But once you Get This iPas2 Supercharged you now earn $25 monthly on the basic version and a full $50 monthly on the Supercharged signups that your system will find for you. Think About That; $75 a month from every Supercharged sign up. Just 10 referrals and you have an extra $750 monthly coming in. A couple referrals a week for a year and you have a nice $7500 a month residual income coming in while you sleep. Personally, I have brought in over 30 new people in a single month and I would love to show you exactly how you can Do It Too!

There are immense profits to be made with this system. But truthfully the big dollars are in the back end. See, the creators didn’t want you to have build up to 100 referrals to get to $7500 a month residual. They wanted you to get bigger income faster. So they modeled this system after one of their previous systems that paid them personally as much as $200.000 a month. So in order to make more money faster we use what we call Profit Maximizers. Just like you go to McDonalds to order a vanilla milkshake, the first thing they ask is if you want fries with that shake. “Oh, do you want to make that a meal? Supersize it?” It’s the same here.

mcdonaldsWe have upsells on the back end where you can earn 70% commissions on various products. Products that range from $25 to $125 to $625 to $1625 to $4000. So your iPas2 Supercharged home franchise system helps you make small wins and get those front end sales and then upsells them into these Profit Maximizers that will pay you a full 70% commission on every product sold. And these maximizers have been sold to the tune of over $100,000,000 with all those commissions going to us reps.  That Is Where All Your big Money is Made.

There are so many features in this system it is easy to miss some. Here are some of the incredible features:

  1. Built in tested capture pages
  2. Proven Marketing Techniques
  3. Top notch traffic providers
  4. One click  set up even of your auto-responder and tied together into your system
  5. World Class Training
  6. Customer management software
  7. Advanced tracking technology so you can see exactly what is working for you and where your sales are coming from

Money-StairsThere is more to the features even beyond what I have listed here. BUT of all the features to be listed there is another feature that Must be mentioned. As part of the iPas2 Supercharged system you get even your own coaches. Coaches that will even call your new sign ups or referrals and show them the benefits for them to upgrade quickly. That means you have your own sales staff to help you Earn More and More of those 70% commissions to the tune of thousands of dollars.

hamster-wheelSo is the risk worth the reward? It is barely a risk to spend less than $50 on your future.  And once you Decide to Take iPas2 for a test run you can even try out the Supercharged version for a mere $1.  So my suggestion is to give it a try. See what it would be like to Get Your Own iPas2 Supercharged home franchise system today And Get Your Self Off The Financial Hamster Wheel Everyone Else is Stuck in!


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Check Out My Other Blog

Hey there. This is Ed again. I do appreciate it when you Visit My Blog. Sorry for the recent gap in my posts I have been creating another blog. No, I am not abandoning this blog at all. The great thing about a blog you have worked on over the years is that it becomes like a piece of real estate. Internet Real Estate. And just like real estate that you keep adding on to and developing it grows in value.

However, You might really get a lot out of it if you Check Out My Other Blog This new blog I haveAutomaticLeadsToolsBanner900 deals specifically with marketing, marketing tools, and money making opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, that is the most of my focus here at but I do add a lot more of my life into my personal blog. Sometimes I throw in some political views or some of my kids functions, or just whatever happens to be going on in the world today.

In my new blog I am focusing solely on educating you on ways to make money from home and marketing whatever it is you would like to market. I will also be reviewing some different companies like “RushMyFreeCourse” and giving my educated opinion on them. Lastly I will focus heavily on what works for me and how you can use it too as well as the various marketing systems and marketing tools that I use.

Automatic-LeadsTools-ePower300x540Some of the marketing tools I have used for many years are capture pages, sales funnels, voice broadcasting, and even lead scrapers. Of course I use other tools besides just those but I mention them specifically together because one of the systems I use actually combines them all under one roof. It enables Automatic Lead Tools and funnels to be managed in one place and saves you paying several places several different fees and thereby saves some money being drained needlessly from your bank account every month.

Anyways, jump on over to sometime and check out my other blog sometime. It is a work in progress. In fact, you might want to Subscribe to my You could also Subscribe to my as well. That way you could Stay On Top of Any Posts or Updates that I make.

So that is what has been going on as of late. That and of course making money from home. I look forward to providing you with some great value so that you can Finally Start Earning What You Deserve! GO ahead like and share this post and comment below if you have gotten any value from my previous posts.

Ed Przybylski from Ohio

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How to make a million dollars?

How to Make A Million Dollars

So I saw this question on Quora with people looking for some ideas on how to earn some great money, life changing money. Here is a response I gave from my own experiences.

You Surely won’t get their by trading hours for dollars: unemployee_of_the_year

I would say the fastest way to approach your goal to Make Your First Million is to start by selling things where you can yield a large commission. Money loves speed and things grow much bigger much faster when you are taking big bites out of the goal.

The first things I started marketing in my own business as far back as 2003 would yield me commissions of $1000 to $3000 plus. My first month working for myself netted me over $10,000. By my fourth month, twice that in 30 days. By my 6 month I had some $10,000 Days.

A sale a day, over $3200 profit, 6 days a week, and you are making a million dollars. If you want to make more sales faster then learn all you can about sales, marketing, automation, and systems.

You can start many at home businesses for a few thousand dollars even on borrowed funds. My first opportunity I had to borrow about $4000 just to get started but tripled my investment in a month.

Once you build a cushion you can pay for better marketing and add other income streams. I recommend focusing on one opportunity but tools can add substantially to your income. Make sure all your tools pay you.

Somewhere in the mix it is great to add some residual income as well. Something coming in monthly for something you did once creates a slow but powerful building of your income.

I have read that the #1 reason people never get rich is 1st that it never occurs to them that it is even possible for them. The 2nd reason is that once it occurs to them that it is possible is that they never actually decide to make it happen and actually set it as a goal. The 3rd reason is not taking action on that goal.

With that being said, YES YOU CAN BECOME A MILLIONAIRE. Make The decision.  Take Action.

Just my 2 cents 🙂
Ed Przybylski a.k.a. EdFromOhio

p.s. Go AHead and check out what I do…

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New Years Weight Loss Resolution? Over 79,000 People Think This Video Helped

This has been Heralded as The Weight Loss Destroyer

So Does Your New Years Resolution have anything to do with losing weight?
An Amazing percentage of people want to lose weight and have decided to in
The New Year. An even higher percentage here in the U.S. need to lose those
extra pounds than have even resolved to…
This FREE VIDEO about losing weight and getting in shape NO MATTER
your current condition has really got my interest. TELL Me What You Think
It Covers things like:
~Why 8 – 8 oz glasses of water a day will make you FAT
~How Over 79,000 People Are Getting Healthy Effortlessly….
Check It Out
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