10 Traits Any Marketing and Leads Systems Must Have

Marketing And Leads


Many people are struggling on the internet today. They get a business, get on line, and are told how to fail. They are given a corporate site and told to make lists of people they know. Make lists of people they can meet. Call, Call, Call. Buy Leads. Call some more. Promote that corporate site.

In 3 months they are broke, have given up, and out of the business. People need a simple knowledge of how to generate leads, how to capture leads, and how to promote themselves. New people, as well as pro’s, need a way to earn from the 97% who don’t buy. They also need a way to become the hunted instead of a chaser.

If you are going to earn money in ANY business you need Marketing and Leads:

  1. A way to make money while you are promoting and setting up your primary company
  2. A capture page-that’s one of those sites that is a nice short sales page that you opt in to – to get more information.
  3. You need to use that capture page INSTEAD of a corporate site. If you want to go broke-promote a corporate site.
  4. You need an auto responder that follows up automatically to everyone that opts in to that capture page.
  5. Some people believe this is optional but over 60% of all heavy hitters have a toll free number. If you want to have a professional image toll free is not optional.
  6. You need a way to market inexpensively. Video is one of the most powerful and extremely inexpensive ways to Marketing and Leads .
  7. Have a way to get those videos out there and fast.
  8. Utilize other free methods like articles, ezines, press releases, blogs, social marketing. and forums. Even 10kweeks.buildingonabudget.com helps.
  9. Learn paid marketing techniques that always earn you a profit.
  10. Make a long term goal of spending $10,000 monthly while earning 5 x that.
  11. Learn to Earn from the 97% who don’t buy your primary product.

How do you earn from the 97% who don’t buy? Some call it a funded proposal. What that is, in a nut shell, is offering information that everyone wants for almost nothing, say $30-$40. You get 10-15% of the people to buy that product because it will be beneficial to them in the long run. You earn a commission on that and that pays for additional Marketing and Leads.

Marketing and Leads Fund Themselves

This is the golden egg. If you can earn enough from your advertising to pay for all of your Marketing and Leads you are essentially generating those leads for free. If a lead is free then you just keep reinvesting the payout from those leads to generate more leads. Hence FREE Leads for eternity. And those people continue to get dripped on with your autoresponders leading them ultimately to your big ticket program or mlm or whatever it is you are promoting.

Stop Chasing

Become The Hunted

Let Your Leads Pay You!


You Can Learn More About Making Your Marketing  Funded Proposale here


Here I am on stage at an Internet Marketing and Leads Event

The Right Marketing and Leads WILL Pay You Big Dividends In Your Business!

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