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What’s Article Marketing?


Article marketing is one of the proven forms of marketing that website owners are using to get people to their websites and to pay attention to what they have to say or to sell. When people think of the term marketing they might think that this only applies to sales. While marketing is certainly needed in the sales arena, marketing is also used to inform potential clients and build relationships with them. Whether someone is selling themselves, products, or services and information they have to do some marketing to get people to pay attention to them.

In the early days of the internet marketing, people would use a trick called keyword stuffing. It was very common until recently to go to a website, and to see a box filled with words and phrases. Some of those words were capitalized, and some were lower cased. This box of keywords was a way to attract search engines to their webpages. When the search engines started cracking down upon sites like these, site owners tried to get past the system by using text that wasn’t bold to hide and sneak these keywords in. This process stopped working. Besides, people were turned off by the appearance of a bunch of words on a website.

Why Article Marketing?

Then along the way, someone figured out that if people understood why they should pay attention to a product or service, they would be more likely to buy into whatever was being marketed, or at least they would help the page ranking by subscribing to the website. So people started writing informative articles for marketing purposes. Now people had content on a website that was informative and authoritative. This adds value for the customer and helps them become attracted to the marketer.

Good articles go a long way in establishing a relationship based marketing plan and in building up your subscription list. That is the virtue of article marketing. These articles give information that people need. People need to know “why” before they buy. These articles help to answer why questions. This will mean a lot to people who may not have gotten answers to their questions may be attracted to you once you have provided these answers. Now they know who to turn to when they want specific information.

Building up relationships with readers and purchasers is a huge advantage of article marketing. People become loyal to certain products and websites. In the marketing world, this is known as brand loyalty. In network marketing YOU are the brand. Once people feel that your product and service is a basic part of their life, they won’t leave you. They will keep buying into your product or service. Even better, they will turn their friends and family on to you. It is said in sales that every person knows five people. Now apply that to your website. You can see how article marketing can work to your advantage.

Start Article Marketing

This is why people, and you specifically should think about article marketing. You need to attract people to your website, right? You would like them to feel good about whatever it is that you are offering, of course. So an article about a topic or product is the perfect way to accomplish this. It’s easy to get an article for your site. If you have fairly decent writing talents, and can communicate well, you can simply write an article. If you don’t have the time or the talent, then hire out this work to a writer. For complete Article Marketing Success Make sure that it’s rich with keywords and content that will be picked up by the search engines. Either way, article marketing is very much worth the effort.

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