Viral Marketing? YouTube Recaps the 2014 Viral Video Trends.

YouTube Rewind 2014 kicks off with “Turn Down for 2014”

If you have been trying to figure out how to make your marketing go viral maybe you should view YouTube’s 2014 recap. One thing is for certain, you might want to consider making your marketing ENTERTAINING. People stay on YouTube watching video after video for pure entertainment purposes. So if you are marketing anything yu may want to spice it up with a little bit of entertainment.YouTubeRecap2014

So anyways, I am not going to turn this into some big lesson in marketing (although you may want to check out PewDewPie’s YouTube channel as he is the most subscribed channel in YouTube for all time). The recap includes tons of people in from the wildly popular Ice Bucket Challenge. The last 2 years recap videos have surpassed 100,000,000 views so you may want to check out what is going on here!


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What is | The Income Method is Here

What is

Well Before I get into exactly what actually is I will tell you that you will find it right here! Secondly, I am an affiliate so let’s get real… When you Decide To Join I will earn a commission.

www.TheIncomeMethod.comThe income method is simply a system to earn income. Now I could say a job is a way to earn income. But I am not talking about the slavery of a job. Jobs and income are almost like 2 forces fighting against each other. A job means you have to give up hours for dollars. It really doesn’t matter what your job is or your hourly wage. You only have so much time in the day. So even if you make $100 an hour and you work 10 hours a day you are limited to $1000a day. What if I told you that entrepreneurs make money in their sleep.

So  what are ways you can earn more money for less time? That’s what we try to show you in The Other ways besides a job are the better ways to earn income.

For instance, earning residual income rocks. (see residual income at  A friend of mine had his own website system set up and was charging $19.95 a month. He had 1900 people paying him every month. That is what we call a membership site. Now in the income method we also have your own built in membership commissions coming straight to you every single month. So for example, we have available different membership levels of $25 a month, $100 a month, and $47 a month. All of these levels pay you a 70% commission. I have over 450 people who have signed up with me at just the $25 level. You do the math – residual memberships ROCK!

Another type of income is what we call BIG TICKET Money. This is where your profit per sale is incredibly higher for the same amount of work. An example of This Income Method is say in sales. You could walk into a store and shop for the best blender. A sales person could come out and tell you the difference between all the blenders and all the benefits and features. You could also go through the same process by stepping into an automobile dealership. Obviously there is a much higher available profit margin for the person selling “The Big Ticket” item. Maybe Thousands of Dollars of profit vs. $5 or $10 bucks. We have both inside of the Income Method.

Something that also creates a lot more income for you is automatic upsells. Like when you walk into McDonald’s and all you want is a small milkshake. What is the first frieswithatshakething they ask you? Do You Want Fries With That Shake? Then they ask “Would you like to make that a meal?” and “Would you like to super size that?” The art of the upsell. What if you could offer an incredible deal for say $7 to try out a million dollar system which automatically leads to residual commissions for you and top tier big ticket upsells for you as well? Pretty Powerful.

Another thing to consider is simple ways to get more profit from every sale. Think of this; when you sell that car a lot of money has to go for the making of the car which eats into your profit. However, what about an education product? How much does it cost to add one student to a classroom or to sell one more digitally hosted product? You got it… Almost nothing! Digital products rock too.

All those money making methods are wrapped up inside of But there is one other thing included in the income method.  See we know that 90% of the people out there have never had a business. Therefore they have no idea what to do to Get Something Profitable Going. But franchises like McDonald’s and Burger king, Subway and Jani King lay out step by step how to get those businesses up and running full steam ahead. That is exactly what does for you. It helps you set up step by step a profitable business. I like to call it the Home Franchise Model.

Check it out and take this million dollar Home Franchise Model for a test drive. Go Now to Review – Avoid Saadhost like Ebola!

So you are looking for cheap hosting, well you should avoid Saadhost as if it were the Ebola virus!

So just a quick heads up, I have many websites and even more domains. In fact I probably have around 100 domains at any given time just in my GoDaddy Account. Normally I use these different named domains to give people something easy to remember, easy to type, or as a method to track my traffic.go-daddy-danica

So back to Saadhost. I bought another domain name through GoDaddy last month. I use them for the majority of my hosting. However, I use outside hosts for my blogs and actual website content. So it goes something like this: I buy a domain from GoDaddy, get some outside hosting – usually from hostgator, pop up a blog in 5-10 minutes, and start adding some content.

This Time I had this list of cheap hosting companies from someone I know. So I clicked a link and got me some hostin from Saadhost. I took, like I always do, and went into GoDaddy and forwarded my nameservers over to this saad (no wonder their name is sad). About a week later I went and uploaded wordpress to the site… It only takes like 3 minutes.

It was a work in progress and I was really in no rush to get my content up. In fact, I hadn’t made a single post or even chosen my blog theme. It still had that “hello world this is just another wordpress blog” quote on the front.

The next thing I know I get an email telling me my hosting is suspended for phishing. Phishing? What the #@!$%. I didn’t even put a site up or create an email. I go to my blog and here is what I see…


So I go to contact them and see what the issue is. Keep in mind I paid the full year of hosting in advance. They say they cannot tell me what was done in violation of their terms of service. So, I have my account closed, they won’t provide any proof, I haven’t even set up the site yet, and to top it off they won’t refund. Any ways, we go back and forth for a half dozen emails.

Now mind you, It really was a waste of my time over a measly $17.94 but it is the principle of the thing. Or rather the lack of principles for this Saadhosting company. They basically kept the money and didn’t leave me any recourse, rhyme or reason as to how I was supposedly phishing, and no solution to their B.S. What kind of company is that?

They also have No Phone contact (hostgator does). They do have a chat window but every time I have ever gone on for support chat their has been no support available, EVER!  So basically you’ve got to go through email. Top it all off they are in Malaysia and pretty much untouchable.

Now, just to clarify, I am not a Phisherman, pun intended. I am not worried about $18 either. I just think a company that sucks this bad should be exposed before you go and throw away your money, no matter if it was hard earned or easily gotten.

On the other hand, I have used Hostgator for many sites throughout the years. They DO have a customer service line. They DO have chat support. They do have email support. Any time I have had any minor issues with anything they have  always bent over backwards to help and have been great service providers. All that good stuff applies to godaddy as well. If you want to do your thang on Hostgator check it here:

ebola-03-reutersIn conclusion, on this Saadhost review and my unfortunate experience here are my tips: Godaddy is good. Hostgator is awesome.


And, Avoid Saadhost like an Ebola plague!