Should I Recruit MLM Leaders or Opportunity Seekers

MLM Leaders or Opportunity Seekers?


Multi-level marketing, abbreviated MLM, is a marketing strategy that compensates the sales workers for the sales they make and the sales of those they recruit.  This eventually creates a hierarchy of compensation and down line of distributors.  The opposite of multi-level marketing is single-level marketing or direct sales. This is where the members are compensated for selling the product, but not necessarily for recruitment.  Both can be referred to as network marketing and referral marketing.

Are MLM Leaders or Opportunity Seekers Better?

On the Internet, there are many MLM home based business opportunity seekers who are simply trying to find ways to make money from home. Many are simply very ambitious and want more than a standard 9-5 job. Often they are just someone looking for a way to make some extra money.  The amount of opportunity seekers looking for work increases weekly. Often as the economy gets worse and unemployment gets higher more people look for a way to be their own boss. You can target MLM Leaders or Opportunity Seekers

Regardless of any concerns MLM Leaders or Opportunity Seekers may have, they want a way to make money, hopefully a lot of money and as soon as possible.  They may be cautious or new to MLM or network marketing, but this does not mean they are not open minded.  If a person comes along who is trustworthy, friendly, and willing to show them how to make sales, they will be more than willing to join multi-level marketing. Before they join you they must feel that they know, like, and trust you.

Did you know that 95% of marketers do not make a large amount of money?  The reason behind this is the people that were recruited did not understand the proper way to make sales or market. This means that if you are new you have about a 95% chance of joining someone who has no idea what they are doing. However, with the proper knowledge, anyone can make nice sums of money through multi-level marketing or network marketing.  Typically, a person will tell the recruit to make a list of family, acquaintances, and friends to sell the product to.  However, the recruit will either run out of people he/she knows, or not know many people.

Profit With MLM Leaders or Opportunity Seekers

Profit With MLM Leaders or Opportunity Seekers

When deciding whether to recruit MLM Leaders or Opportunity Seekers, while recruiting opportunity seekers does have its benefits, it is arguably better to recruit MLM leaders.  No doubt about it; hiring MLM leaders will boost your income.  These people already know how to make sales and happen to be quite good at it.  They most likely rose to the top through their own research in this field.  Think of them as experts in sales.

Opportunity seekers and MLM leaders do have one thing in common, though.  They do not care so much about the opportunity as they do about having someone to lead them.  Therefore, it is important for you to embrace the air of a leader.  Lead with value, not with product.  This is a key to attracting either MLM Leaders or Opportunity Seekers.

MLM Leaders and Opportunity Seekers

Never forget that both are equally important and valuable to you.  Opportunity seekers may need a job fast, while MLM leaders are already experienced and know what they are doing.  In addition, not everyone can be on the top.  Moreover, each person has their own idea of how much to make is good enough for them. If you are looking for massive growth then you might be better to recruit MLM Leaders,but if you want immediate results you can probably find faster personal results through opportunity seekers.

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