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Politicians and non-profit organizations have no restrictions as to who they can call. People using iBuzzpro as a lead generator need to have leads that are permission based. Some people feels that permission based means that the customer needs to have asked for information. Other people feel that permission based means that the person had to have given specific permission to receive a robo-call or voice broadcast. I tend to lean toward the latter.

If you have a product or service that you are marketing to businesses then they are fair game. Businesses cannot be on a Do Not Call list. Therefore if you can harvest the numbers of businesses you can voice broadcast to them to create business leads for your product or service.

The iBuzzpro System

The iBuzzpro auto dialing system is a great tool. Here is how it works. You can use your own voice recordings or recordings provided within the system. A few clicks allows you to load the phone numbers you want to call. The system calls your list with your recordings. The system also scrubs all of the numbers against do not call lists.

The user calls into a preset number and records 2 messages. One message will automatically play whenever someone physically answers the phone. That message will give them a short pitch that will attempt to motivate them to take some sort of action like go to a website, call a recorded message, press 1 to be connected or even press 9 to be eliminated from the list. If they call into the 800telecenter number or visit the prompted website or leaves a message then the user has just captured a lead.

That brings up another nice feature of iBuzzpro. By pressing 9 the customer can remove themselves from that phone list and never be called again. This is actually a mandatory feature for proper voice broadcasting. The person on the list must have the ability to automatically remove themselves from that list and never be called again.

The second message that the user records is for calls that are answered by an answering machine. iBuzzpro will automatically detect whether it is a live person or an answering machine. The recording that the user made for the answering machines will start playing as soon as it hears the tone from the answering machine. The goal is still the same, to get the consumer to take an action like visiting a website or a prerecorded message.

The iBuzzpro voice broadcaster can call over 10,000 numbers per hour. While many people do not like to receive these automated messages all you are looking for is about a 1-2% response rate. Think about this; 1% of 10,000 in an hour is 100 highly qualified leads. What salesperson or company couldn’t use an extra 100 leads in the next hour?

Now the iBuzzpro system costs from $289 to $577.98 to get started. This is very good for the reps. Once you own the system you can sell the same system over and over. Each time some one sells the system they earn either $198 or $500 profit. This is a very nice deal for the rep.

A huge advantage is that you are actually selling a marketing tool. It is a fact that in any industry the people who get rich are the ones selling the tools. So people who buy are getting a business and a tool to build that business at the same time. Tools like iBuzzpro that are very useful also are very popular and easy to sell.

Make Some iBuzzpro Money

iBuzzpro is a great system and a decent way to make some extra money. If you want to just market via phone broadcasting, there are many other options out there that have no start-up costs. If you are looking at this opportunity it is always smart to have at least 3 marketing legs.


Learn Various iBuzzpro Marketing Methods

Learn Various iBuzzpro Marketing Methods


Ed Przybylski has been a home business top earner since 2003. This is because of a knowledge of marketing and systems and using tools like iBuzzpro. Contact Ed From Ohio to get more information about iBuzzpro.

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