Stop MLM Recruiting! We could Care Less about your opportunity.

MLM Recruiting?

No one cares about your mlm opportunity…
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I could not care less about your business. But I could not care any more about You.

What does that mean?

I could not care less about your business or your opportunity. Guess what? Your prospects couldn’t care less either. Sure they might be looking at opportunities some extra ways to make some money. But they DO NOT want to be sold pushed or prodded or a victim of MLM Recruiting. I remember a time when I accidentally took that old mlm recruiting clunker method that they taught me – you know go out and chase your friends and family.

We went out with some friends, sat at a nice dinner event, and somebody asked me if I had heard about an mlm product that I was marketing. One of our friends at the table was working the same program – and this is another topic in itself – these long time friends had signed up under someone else because I had never opened my mouth. But anyways, we proceeded to pitch her.

Now don’t get me wrong, I practice attraction marketing and have people contacting me and chasing me daily. But this situation was unique to me, so we fervently started selling how great everything was, the comp plan, the product, yada, yada, yada. Sigh….mlm recruiting. I noticed about 4 minutes into my zealous pitch her eyes slowly glazed over. Now after I had gotten sucked into presentation mode I was like a semi with no brakes, it was almost impossible to stop. Thank God they called our table for dessert or else I might have put her to sleep.

A quick lesson here, she likes money. She likes networking. She loves people. She has been a director in the number one network marketing company in the country and had quit to go back to the J.O.B. But as I puked my opportunity all over the table for about 4 minutes she just mentally turned off. And that is exactly what 95% of all network marketers do. They pitch, pitch, pitch, sell, sell, and sell. They do it to mostly unqualified prospects and they put the qualified ones to sleep. No one wants to be sold—so stop selling them. STOP MLM RECRUITING them. They don’t care about your opportunity.

Alternatively, I have at least 3 or 4 people every week call me up, throw up their business on me for 3 minutes straight until I cut them off and ask “but how do you market?” Then I ask them if this is the process they go through with every prospect. Invariably, the answer is yes. Then I ask them if they would like to have people calling them with questions about their business rather than chasing people around all day. Then I give them a solution.

See, I could not care any less about their business. BUT, I care highly about that individual and helping them succeed in Their business, no matter what that business is.

So how do you help the person instead of pitch the business? How do you make money by helping the person who already has a business? How do you get people chasing after you instead of you chasing after them? How do you STOP MLM RECRUITING?

You must first offer them a solution to their problem!

To know the problem, you must first know the prospect. Is your prospect someone who is a tire kicker who has never been involved in networking or mlm? If that is the case then you need to show them a money solution or health solution and if they don’t see a problem then they don’t need a solution. If you can get them to feel the pain of a problem then you can offer your opportunity as a solution. Then you must convince them of the validity of the product, the pay plan, the structure, the product, and the company.

Is your prospect already in an opportunity? Then they don’t need convincing on the pay plan. They don’t need convincing on the structure. They don’t need convincing that mlm and network marketing are a viable way to make money. Unfortunately, if they are already in the business, they don’t need another company either. But if they are in the business, they are probably like 95% of the other marketers. They believe in their company. They Believe in their comp plan. They believe in the industry. But 95% of them are going broke in the industry. Their problem is they don’t have enough of the right people to talk to. They haven’t conquered the number one problem in the words network marketing—the Marketing part. They need prospects. They need to be in a position of power where prospects are chasing them wanting what they have. And since 95% of the people will not join you – they need a way to make money whether people join them or not.

MLM Recruiting

If you can achieve this it is called attraction marketing. It just so happens that that is what I turn around and offer them, A solution to that problem. I help them learn to market and generate hot, prequalified prospects who are chasing them and help them to make money without ever pitching them my business. The amazing thing is this: Once you have helped them actually start making money on the web, probably for the first time in their online career they will be very curious about your main business and follow you into whatever you are working.

So that is how the top earners are achieving top earner status. They use Attraction marketing into a funded proposal type of marketing system that sells a customer on YOU as a mentor before you ever mention your product. Once the prospects believe in you they will do whatever you suggest. Talk about MLM Recruiting on steroids.

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MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting Training

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