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It has long been said that 80% of sales are made after the 7th contact. It is not a coincidence that the huge portion of sales-people who earn just a mediocre income usually only manage to make 1 or 2 contacts to each prospect. Brian Tracy mentions in his seminars that 80% of sales people never contact the same prospect more than a few times. He also quotes stats stating that 80% are in a constant state of looking for the next job and desperately failing at their present job. Under normal conditions a relationship needs to be developed over several contacts.

An Autoresponder Will Follow Up For You!

Another factor involved in making more sales is obviously to put more people through this contact process. No matter how good the sales person is he/she cannot close 100% of their sales. Even if they could, they are still limited by the number of people they can feasibly contact and put through this sales process. Unless you could somehow put people through this funnel on autopilot and make a large number of contacts and follow up with absolutely no effort. This is where autoresponders come in handy.

In order to reach 7-10 follow up contacts to each prospect and do it on autopilot smart marketers use an autoresponder. The way it works is ingenious. A potential buyer is somehow lead or directed to a capture page. A capture page is just a sales page with the only goal in mind to get that prospect to opt in by entering their contact information into a subscriber box. That opt in box is tied to the autoresponder. So once that prospect “opts in” they are instantly input into the autoresponder.

At that point the autoresponder instantly “auto responds” and instantly sends an email directly into the prospects email box. These auto messages will even automatically personalize and use the persons name in the appropriate places. While the autoresponder companies (like aweber) prefer the prospect to have to confirm in that first email that they did indeed ask for information, most marketers prefer not to have this “double opt in”. This extra step protects the autoreponder company but lowers the opt in rate for marketers.

The autoresponder then follows up automatically with predetermined sales emails in a predetermined order at predetermined days and times. Think about this awesome automatic system. You advertise or refer someone to your website. That ad or referral is first contact. If they say yes to the offer and go to the site they have said yes once already. When they get to your website (contact 2) they are sold on the need to opt in with their contact information. If they opt in they are instantly emailed a thank you or confirmation email. That email is contact 3 and usually tries to get the prospect back to more valuable information selling them even further. A couple days later and another contact through another email taking them through more benefits and more reasons why they should buy. Look at this, we have already made 5 contacts with one prospect or even hundreds or thousands of prospects, all on autopilot without taking any more time out of our schedule than it takes to run our ads.

Of course a personal contact from a real person could increase sales dramatically. But keep in mind that there are guru’s out there selling products from $1 to $3,000 or more without ever talking to a single person. Keep that in mind when designing your autoresponder sales letters. Do a little reading on copywriting and learn to add some sales spice to your copy. That will make the difference in having a mediocre sales funnel and one that dominates your competition.

An additional great feature is that you can send a broadcast message to everyone on that list whether you have 1 or 100,000 subscribers. This includes new information, announcements, freebies, or trainings. Speaking of trainings, it is wise to send your list subcribers free training and other things that they wll value frequently or they will drop off of your list like flies.

An Autoresponder Will Build Your List

The most IMPORTANT trait of the autoresponder however is the list. If you have been around marketing for even a short period of time you have heard the saying that success is determined by the list. The autoresponder is how you accumulate that list. It is also your main tool to communicate with that list, build relationships, make announcements, sell more stuff, follow up, and so much more. Hopefully you can see how important autoresponders are to your business. Their is no way in this world that you ever want to do without an autoresponder.

The most popular autoresponder is aweber. Aweber has a monthly investment of $19.95 and actually pays back about $6 every month on every referral who pays their monthly bill. Just 4 referrals and this very necessary tool is making us a small profit. It is always great to get paid to use a tool that you need to use anyway. Hopefully you can see how important autoresponders are to your business. Their is absolutely no reason to skip having an autoresponder.

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