5 Critical Capture Page Qualities

Capture Page Mission

The purpose is always identical, to change a reader into a lead. Landing pages are usually a few lines of copy or a pitch and a contact info form. If individuals are interested they fill out the form to get more specifics of what you’ve got to offer. Landing pages are often a short page online that folk land on when they respond to a post or advertising link you have put online . Put simply , folk preview the Capture page and are either not interested and move on or, are interested, respond and supply you with their contact information.

They do this in return for obtaining info on your offer, product. You can build capture pages for your own purposes to promote your offers but you may construct capture pages for your customers. When building a landing page never forget your one objective is to get a lead! It doesn’t matter what sort of business you are in, you want a constant supply of leads. Landing Pages are a good method to do that and in some cases produce superior results than an internet site. Capture pages allow you to target a particular niche with a very precise offer while most internet sites are typically more universal in focus and broad reaching.

Capture Page

Capture Page

Both a domain AND an effective capture page should be part of your marketing arsenal. Here are five major qualities you need to include in your selling page if you are going to generate results. Imperative Point one when building a capture page : State your offer with short punchy copy that is heaping with benefits for the reader. Tell folks what they are going to get in straightforward to understand terms, make an offer, put price on that offer, limit the offer. Speak directly to the reader with the wording you utilize.

Capture Page Ad Copy

Sample of good copy : “Our 37 Page Report Shows YOU in step-by-step Detail precisely how to get 50,000 Visitors to your site! $29.95 price! FREE! But you Need To Act Now to take advantage of this limited time offer!” Example of poor copy : “Fill out this form and we are going to send you a report with information on getting traffic.” Another key to good copy is particular statistics. Rather than pronouncing fifty thousand visitors give the precise number like “49,751 unique visitors”.

Vital Point 2 when building a Landing Page : Limit use of graphics. If you actually use graphics ensure that they’re fast loading and only used to emphasise your message. Graphics should be colorful, theme related, and capture the eye to your copy. Graphics and copy should work in partnership to motivate a reply. When trying graphic 1, graphic 2, or NO graphic, make sure to split test to know what pulls better. Split testing is also very important.

Critical Point three while building a landing page : Include a contact form. Some people do not include a form on their selling page, you’ve got to have a form. Building an internet business means building a mail list of interested folks. If you don’t collect the contact information of your prospects you are wasting your time and throwing away a valuable selling advantage. Save the sales button for the next page once you’ve their contact information so that you can follow up personally or by auto responder. Critical Point 4 when building a capture page : Include an Offer.

Don’t TELL on your landing page, SELL on your Capture page. Sell the proven fact that you have got something that the customer wants, something that they must have and must get today! Give them the advantages of what the product or service is to galvanize action, do this with an offer. Opt in here and get this, Buy now, save $, etc… Make your offer interesting, something that they simply can’t refuse. Always remember in your sales copy, info tells while stories sell and that stats inform while benefits are all that really interests the user.

Capture Page Necessities

Critical Point five when building a capture page : if you’re making your capture page longer than one screen, confirm all your critical information and attention getting copy is on top of the page so it isn’t getting missed. Remember when your English teacher related leave your strongest points until the end of your essay? Incorrect, when creating selling copy. Put your strongest words and pitch at the very top of the page, drive home the points later on , then yes close with power but ensure the top of your page, the part that loads first is going to draw folks in to literally get them to read down to the base of your page. There you have it, take these key selling points down, and make efforts to include them when making your Landing, squeeze or Capture page.

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