What is a Capture or Squeeze Page

So what exactly is a squeeze or capture page?

I already illustrated that you need to build a list. Now here is a necessary tool that is paramount to your success!

What’s a capture page or squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a very simple webpage that focuses on trying to capture the users name and email address and sometimes more information depending on your business. A squeeze page will not try to get you to buy anything on the front end. All it wants you to do is give your first name and email address so that the owner can start to build a relationship with you. And it works!

When you go to a website and you are given a little information about what you are looking for and then in order to get the rest or additional information you have an opt in box. The box requires you to enter your email and or name and as many fields as the owner wants. By the way, the pages that get the most subscribers usually ask for only email and optionally name.  That is a squeeze page.

Everything starts with traffic, which leads to a capture page, which leads to an auto-responder, which sells YOU, sells YOUR stuff, and sells more of YOUR stuff. Your capture page should have a headline, bullet point benefits, and an opt-in box.  There will be absolutely NO Google Adsense ads to click on. There are no other places to go and no outside links to outside materials. You must either opt in or leave.

Capture Page for List Building

The secret to internet wealth is building that profitable list and selling to it. Well you can’t sell to a list unless you build it first. And you cannot build the list if you do not “capture” the visitors. So how do we build this list? Every super guru creates the list. In the words of internet multi-millionaire Matt Bacak “the first thing he would do if he had to start over is build a capture or squeeze page.” The Squeeze page leads to a sales page that leads to an order page which leads to a thank you page where you download your product. Through the use of a squeeze page you capture the name of those people who are interested in what you are involved with.

Now that you know what a squeeze page is, you will need to create one yourself. If you already know how to web design, then this should be pretty easy. Just find a template of a squeeze page that you like and imitate it. But if you do not know how to create one there are some pretty easy options out there. Make sure you opt in somewhere on my site and you will be able to find some of the best resources for easily building impressive looking capture pages.

Capture Page Benefits

What are the benefits of squeeze pages? Think about this, however your potential client found your website they came looking for something. Now, if they leave your site without a purchase they are probably gone forever. Good sales people always try to keep you in the store because they know if you leave that chances are that you will buy somewhere else. Don’t believe me? Go to a couple jewelry stores in the mall around Christmas. Last Christmas I went to pick out a certain necklace for my wife. I stopped at 4 stores in a large mall and each and every one was determined to keep me in the store. I knew what I wanted and could quickly determine if they had it or not. But I spent more time negotiating my escape than I did actually “finding” what I wanted. They knew that as soon as I walked out their sale was gone. People that are interested in your site end up there and if you have that opt in box then you actually have a chance. You can follow up with them via email over and over. You can remind them of your website and send them the links that they may have lost. You can even call them and answer questions if your opt in box requests their telephone contact information.

Capture Page Money

Capture Page Money

Without a capture page they must buy now or the sale is primarily lost. When the customer comes back and tries to find the website they go to Google and find one of your competitors. Worse yet they totally forget they were even looking at your area of expertise.  With a capture page you have chance after chance to sell them. Typical marketers spend money on advertising and they are lucky if they break even. With your opt in page they can be automatically followed up with more benefits to your product, articles that you have written or that others have written about how great the product is. You will pick up sales through this follow up.

You can also come back to these same people with additional offers of similar or more advanced products. You WILL make additional sales. The fortune is in the “automatic” follow up. The fortune is in a massive list of qualified prospects that have an interest in your product or service. In fact, all the gurus say that the fortune is in the list. The only way to build a list is by utilizing a capture page.

Here are a few benefits of Capture/Squeeze pages

1. Build YOUR list instead of a company’s list

2. Follow up on autopilot or in person

3. Follow up with additional offers or promotions

4. Build YOUR List.

5. Build YOUR List NOW!

6. Build Your List quicker

7. Find Out Your Prospects wants and needs by sending a message to your entire list to find out what they want or need so that you can fill that need for a profit

Everything starts with traffic, which leads to capture page, which leads to an auto-responder, which sells YOU, sells YOUR stuff, and sells more of YOUR stuff. Your capture page should have a headline, bullet point benefits, and an opt-in box. That is it. There are no other places to go and no outside links. You must either opt in or leave.

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