Find the Right No Hype Biz!

The Right No Hype Biz


So you are looking for a No Hype Biz. You have probably searched the magazines and the internet and every where you turn you find the next, greatest, best business that will make you a millionaire in thirty days or less. You do not know where to turn or what to believe. Every guru under the sun is selling you their wares and you have no idea which ones are lying through their teeth and which ones are the real deal. Here are a few tips you might want to consider in your search for the perfect No Hype Biz.

What should you be looking for in the right No Hype Biz? First you should be looking for something with a legitimate product. In other words, would people buy that product if there were no money attached? It could be over priced, under priced, or competitively priced. It could be tangible, a service, an information product, education, or even a simple system. But if no one would invest in the product  except for the exchange of money then that is a scam. Even cheap PLR (Private Label Rights) products can be assembled together and sold for what ever amount you can sell it for, as long as someone wants them and is willing to buy them. However, many opportunities are just money games with products that no one would buy. For example, all the old mail order schemes that were very popular at one time. People passing money to pyramids of people and then putting their name on the list and hoping others will do the same for you and the only exchange of value is the paper and a stamp.

Don’t get me wrong a pyramid structure in a business is actually not a bad thing. In fact I do not know of any business or organization that does not have some sort of pyramid structure. Think about it; you have a CEO at the top of your corporate pyramid. He or she will have several presidents, who have many vice presidents. Then they have regional and district managers, plant managers, and area managers. These managers have numerous employees. Draw it all out and it will form that pyramid that many people try to avoid. Nope. A pyramid structure is not a factor in a No Hype Biz.

No Hype Biz Plan

In fact, part of finding the right No Hype Biz is the pay plan. Make sure the pay plan actually PAYS you.  I have seen some of these assemble stuff at home jobs where you assemble dozens of products and none can qualify to their specifications so you can’t get paid. On the other hand, an MLM or multilevel marketing plan is just a way for a company to distribute products through individual reps instead of spending all their marketing money on massive advertising campaigns. Examples include Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Scentsy Candles, Numis Network, and many, many others. It can be a many layer deep pay plan, or a one up or two up program, or No up direct sales program. Other legitimate businesses include network marketing, affiliate marketing, top tier businesses, and direct sales. What ever the plan, do the math, and make sure you can actually achieve the income you need for it to be worth your while.

Another key component to the perfect No Hype Biz is the company itself. Is it brand new or has it even gotten through the first year where most businesses fail? Is the management and ownership of the company solid, experienced, and able to handle the growth of the company. Many companies who grow very fast in their first year collapse on themselves. Strong leadership is mandatory to the longevity of your company.  While being at the right place at the right time and being early are great factors for success, be sure to exercise caution if they are less than a year old.

Training, tools, and support are necessary as well. Does your company have these things in place or do you have to create them yourself. Do they have regular trainings on how you will make more sales and recruit more reps. Do they have brochures, handouts, cd’s or dvd’s, webinars, videos, and regular presentations to help you sell your No Hype Biz. This should include multiple weekly sales presentations to help get your message to your prospects and adds to third party validation.

Award Winning No Hype Biz Mentor

Award Winning No Hype Biz Mentor

If you are not a superstar, a top mentor, and new to the home business industry then your mentor and team are also a very important factor in finding the right No Hype Biz. If you are not already a super sales person or a premier marketer then you must have some one who can show you the ropes. Often the right mentor and upline can make or break your success. Make sure they can help you get where you need to be. This may take a little searching since 80% of the people fail in just about any endeavor.  You are looking for some one who is in the top 20% who can actually contribute to your success.

No Hype Biz Mentor

To sum it all up; your perfect No Hype Biz should have a legitimate product that others want, a pay structure that you can make money with, a stable company and management, and good training tools and support. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, make sure you have a good leader and mentor who can show you the path to success in your chosen No Hype Biz.

Ed Przybylski has been successfully coaching and mentoring average people to become No Hype Biz professionals since 20003.

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