iPas2 Supercharged THINGS YOU MUST KNOW Before Joining!

iPas2 Supercharged

If you are considering iPas2 or iPas2 Supercharged then you are very smart. BUT if you haven’t joined yet then you’re lucky you found this article first. Why you might ask? Because you should know all the details before you join. Some questions you need answered: What is iPas2? Can you really make money with iPas2? What is iPas2 Supercharged? Should I try it out as well?  What are the benefits and risks? How Much is it? What Do I Get? Well my intention is to give you everything that you need to know BEFORE you join so that you can get a head start on the competition.

moneyPILEI will get into all the answers to all those questions and let you know what You Need To Find Out About iPas2 before you join. But first, why should you even listen to me? Not trying to brag, but of the products iPas2 represents and sells, I am one of the most successful reps in the entire company. At the time I am publishing this article I am in the top 50 reps out of over 300,000 people who have bought their products. Not only that but I am an old fashioned Hi-Tech guy who believes in helping as many people as I can to get what they want out of their home based business. I have earned multiple six figures selling their products so I will warn you that I am biased. AND if you do Decide To Work With Me I will make a little money off the deal. And while I cannot make any guarantees whatsoever because everyone’s results must necessarily be different, if you can follow my directions and and my simple system you will most likely make some money. Life Changing Money Is Great.

ipas2So let’s get to it… What in the heck is iPas2? iPas2 is a powerful system built much like a franchise except all online. Think like McDonalds. McDonalds has everything in place so that any franchisee can step in and follow the exact step by step process and set up. Before you know it you are part of their billions of burgers selling selling machine. The McDonalds set up is so duplicable that any one can do it. That is why you can go in any of their restaurants and find teenagers running the place. The difference with iPas2 is that it doesn’t cost millions of dollars to buy property and location and build it up into their cookie cutter burger machine. With iPas2 everything is set up online but you still get your own step by step cookie cutter system that anyone can follow. So in a nutshell, It is a money making system designed to make it possible for even the most new and inexperienced to Get In, Set Up, and Start Making Money! And YES you can Make Money With This System. In fact for every person that you help Use This System and they are investing less than $50 into their system you earn a $20 monthly commission.

ipas2SuperchargedThat system that has paid out 100’s of 1000’s of dollars can be tried out for less than $50. Ha! That’s a lot cheaper than your traditional multimillion dollar franchise. But it can profit you just as much. So then what is iPas Supercharged? It is simply an even more robust iPas2. More training. More Marketing. More Traffic. More Exclusive Access. And even better, More Money. The SUPERCHARGED version is Just under $100 a month if You Want To Try It Out Too. But once you Get This iPas2 Supercharged you now earn $25 monthly on the basic version and a full $50 monthly on the Supercharged signups that your system will find for you. Think About That; $75 a month from every Supercharged sign up. Just 10 referrals and you have an extra $750 monthly coming in. A couple referrals a week for a year and you have a nice $7500 a month residual income coming in while you sleep. Personally, I have brought in over 30 new people in a single month and I would love to show you exactly how you can Do It Too!

There are immense profits to be made with this system. But truthfully the big dollars are in the back end. See, the creators didn’t want you to have build up to 100 referrals to get to $7500 a month residual. They wanted you to get bigger income faster. So they modeled this system after one of their previous systems that paid them personally as much as $200.000 a month. So in order to make more money faster we use what we call Profit Maximizers. Just like you go to McDonalds to order a vanilla milkshake, the first thing they ask is if you want fries with that shake. “Oh, do you want to make that a meal? Supersize it?” It’s the same here.

mcdonaldsWe have upsells on the back end where you can earn 70% commissions on various products. Products that range from $25 to $125 to $625 to $1625 to $4000. So your iPas2 Supercharged home franchise system helps you make small wins and get those front end sales and then upsells them into these Profit Maximizers that will pay you a full 70% commission on every product sold. And these maximizers have been sold to the tune of over $100,000,000 with all those commissions going to us reps.  That Is Where All Your big Money is Made.

There are so many features in this system it is easy to miss some. Here are some of the incredible features:

  1. Built in tested capture pages
  2. Proven Marketing Techniques
  3. Top notch traffic providers
  4. One click  set up even of your auto-responder and tied together into your system
  5. World Class Training
  6. Customer management software
  7. Advanced tracking technology so you can see exactly what is working for you and where your sales are coming from

Money-StairsThere is more to the features even beyond what I have listed here. BUT of all the features to be listed there is another feature that Must be mentioned. As part of the iPas2 Supercharged system you get even your own coaches. Coaches that will even call your new sign ups or referrals and show them the benefits for them to upgrade quickly. That means you have your own sales staff to help you Earn More and More of those 70% commissions to the tune of thousands of dollars.

hamster-wheelSo is the risk worth the reward? It is barely a risk to spend less than $50 on your future.  And once you Decide to Take iPas2 for a test run you can even try out the Supercharged version for a mere $1.  So my suggestion is to give it a try. See what it would be like to Get Your Own iPas2 Supercharged home franchise system today And Get Your Self Off The Financial Hamster Wheel Everyone Else is Stuck in!


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