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Hey there. This is Ed again. I do appreciate it when you Visit My Blog. Sorry for the recent gap in my posts I have been creating another blog. No, I am not abandoning this blog at all. The great thing about a blog you have worked on over the years is that it becomes like a piece of real estate. Internet Real Estate. And just like real estate that you keep adding on to and developing it grows in value.

However, You might really get a lot out of it if you Check Out My Other Blog This new blog I haveAutomaticLeadsToolsBanner900 deals specifically with marketing, marketing tools, and money making opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, that is the most of my focus here at but I do add a lot more of my life into my personal blog. Sometimes I throw in some political views or some of my kids functions, or just whatever happens to be going on in the world today.

In my new blog I am focusing solely on educating you on ways to make money from home and marketing whatever it is you would like to market. I will also be reviewing some different companies like “RushMyFreeCourse” and giving my educated opinion on them. Lastly I will focus heavily on what works for me and how you can use it too as well as the various marketing systems and marketing tools that I use.

Automatic-LeadsTools-ePower300x540Some of the marketing tools I have used for many years are capture pages, sales funnels, voice broadcasting, and even lead scrapers. Of course I use other tools besides just those but I mention them specifically together because one of the systems I use actually combines them all under one roof. It enables Automatic Lead Tools and funnels to be managed in one place and saves you paying several places several different fees and thereby saves some money being drained needlessly from your bank account every month.

Anyways, jump on over to sometime and check out my other blog sometime. It is a work in progress. In fact, you might want to Subscribe to my You could also Subscribe to my as well. That way you could Stay On Top of Any Posts or Updates that I make.

So that is what has been going on as of late. That and of course making money from home. I look forward to providing you with some great value so that you can Finally Start Earning What You Deserve! GO ahead like and share this post and comment below if you have gotten any value from my previous posts.

Ed Przybylski from Ohio

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