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Please understand that I am not promoting or criticizing the Internet Briefcase. This is just a quick review to give you an idea about what it really is and how it works. If you rather watch the complete review on video then click

What is

You have heard it on television. Maybe on the radio like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura and so many more… the Internet Briefcase. You hear the testimony of this guy Mike, or Michael, the former marine who went from no experience and turned into the latest home business guru.

So you probably have questions. Is it real? What exactly is it? Is this guy Michael the real deal? Let’s Get Right to the Point:

So first off, Yes Mike is real. The system is real. And in a minute I will cover whether it really works or not! See Internet Briefcase is part of a larger system that has been helping people create income at home for a few years now. Sort of like if you owned a McDonald’s franchise. Your specific McDonald’s is not “McDonalds” itself but simply your piece of the McDonald’s company. Internet Briefcase is similar in that it is part of the big picture but created by Michael the marine as his own way that he promotes the whole pie.

So in order to understand the Internet Briefcase you must first understand the founder of the main company. His Name is Jay. Jay started working from home several years ago. Maybe you have seen him on the internet. You know the broke muffler shop manager turned millionaire. Well Jay learned how to market his home business which is WMI (we’ll talk about WMI later). Jay wanted to share his system with his team so that they could duplicate his success. If you understand network marketing to its fullest extent you will understand that you make a lot more money if you can people to duplicate your success. So Jay created this incredible system that many people could duplicate.

What is Internet Briefcase Really though?

He called his system Carbon Copy Pro with the main concept being that if anyone would do EXACTLY (like a carbon copy) what the successful PROfessionals were doing then they could Carbon Copy that system. For a while that system was THE PREMIER INTERNET MARKETING System. That’s when Mike came in, you know that testimonial on the radio. Well Mike did real well with Carbon Copy Pro until that last Google slap at the end of 2009. He had spent like the entire previous year as THE TOP EARNER. All of the sudden after the slap no one heard hardly anything from him for several months. Several months later Mike took Carbon Copy offline and Internet Briefcase was born.

So How Does This System Work? First a person advertises either online with CCPRO, offline with Mike and Internet Briefcase, or totally on their own with all of the marketing training that CCPRo provides. Next, people are exposed to the business marketing system. If this is your first time researching CCPro or Internet Briefcase then that is the stage you are in now. If you are already in this and are reading this article right now then you may want to ask yourself how it is you found this article and, no offense but, you should start to see the power of alternative marketing systems.

Once they are exposed they are sold the dream and convinced on the power of the marketing system. They are told the story of Jay and some of the other top earners. All this has so far been done pretty much on autopilot. Once exposed and sold on the system, if you are still interested in learning more about the opportunity you fill out an application. To do that the applicant must pay a small application fee under $50 (and the rep earns a commission of about $30).

After that you are introduced to Jay’s complete system and will even receive a call from the companies call center. Now you have the opportunity to join and use his marketing system, conference calls, call center, and marketing training. Your cost to join this marketing system another $395 (and the rep earns $200 – $50 for the call center).

Now after you become a member you can market this same system. But on the back end the new member is now shown yet another opportunity where they can earn even more profits. This back end program is usually a great company called Wealth Masters International. Costing from $295 up to $19,995 Wealth Masters International is actually an extremely valuable financial education course that shows you what all the financial gurus out there are keeping secret from you and worth every penny.

So here is how this funnel works: The $40ish application fee weeds out the tire kickers, serious people buy the CCPRO system, even more serious get Level 1 WMI all the way up to the serious money makers who join ALL of WMI.

The Internet Briefcase Funnel!

The rep earns income throughout the funnel. From $30 Per Application up to nearly $10,000 per sale fot the top of WMI. There are several other small income streams within the marketing system and you get paid even if your prospects don’t join the primary Wealth Masters Opportunity. WMI also pays incredible residuals in several different ways.

So in quick review:

Internet Briefcase is a new marketing arm for a company called Carbon Copy Pro. They are advertising on various radio talk shows and are taking an offline marketing approach to an online marketing company.

All in all they have a pretty decent system. There are some very big “heavy hitters” marketing to the tune of $100’s of thousands of dollars. Does the System work? Absolutely. Is it cheap? You be the judge. A low start up cost of $395 is not bad. Where people seem to have a hard time though is that monthly $150 admin fee. On top of that you still have your standard marketing systems.

It can be a very lucrative system but it is not for the faint of heart or the light of wallet. There are other marketing systems that can do a much better job for much less money. Carbon Copy Pro a.k.a. Internet Briefcase also acts as a funded proposal for even bigger companies. You can promote whatever big dollar program you like on the back end but if you do not have one chosen already then they have the perfect suggestion.

So is Wealth Masters Worth it? Yes!

Does CCPro and Internet Briefcase Work? For Many people, Yes.

But in all honesty I have found a much cheaper marketing systems that will HELP ANY MARKETER market their own Business. Yes it can even help market Wealth Masters. Systems that can help people market anything. Systems that provide world class marketing training. Systems that enable reps to stay on the cutting edge. Some of these system have a dozen income streams built in that pay you whether prospects join your primary business or not. In fact these systems can earn you 5 figures monthly even without a business to promote.

I really hope this gave a clear understanding of what Internet Briefcase and Carbon Copy Pro are and exactly how they work. Good Luck in your search and your ultimate decision.

Ed Will Help You Succeed With Internet Briefcase

Ed Przybylski From Ohio will Help You Promote Internet Briefcase if you decide to Market It.

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